Season Prediction 9 and 9

The cats must be reading their own press reports because they are certainly not putting any effort into it in the first half. Kevin Glenn so far has been off his game. Not to sure that I see improvement in the receiving core. The punting game looks just like the prediction in the paper. Takes too long to get it off. Probably should have held on to it and tried to kick on the run. Nothing impressive about the cats except the opening kick return. Since then it has been all Bombers.

You made this post at 8:49....49 minutes after kickoff. Do us all a favor and turn off your TV.

The sky is falling

Where is BlackLobster when I need him.......

If the Cats keep playing like this, I think we’d be lucky to get 9 and 9. Sask or Montreal are going to make mince meat out of us if we keep playing like this.


Yes i did make this prediction early. We still have lots of time to see how things unfold. Personally from what I saw on the field tonight, I think it is a pretty solid prediction. The O line was totally terrible. Glenn mediocre to say the least, passes dropped, missed tackles. I want to see a team come out of the gate with some fire. Each time we had a momentum shift we gave up the big play.

l think we will start the season 0-1 and Bombers will start the season 1-0.

Five games in, not sure if my prediction so early in game one will be accurate. Anyone now willing to settle for a 9 and 9 season.

I think the Cats just got through the toughest part of their schedule. They played the two best teams on the road. Now those teams have to come to Ivor Wynne.

The only really tough game the Cats have left is in Calgary, and by the time that one rolls around, who knows what the team's record will be. The other four teams (Toronto, Winnipeg, BC, Edmonton) are too close to call. The Cats could still win 10-12 games. We'll know by Labour Day if this team is a contender or not.

8 and 5 sounds good to me

Reviewing my early season prediction. Not much has changed with the Cats. The team still lacks aggression and does not put forward a consistent effort in the game. The defense is still weak, the db's play off the receiver way to much and allow pretty much any team to convert 2nd and long on a consistent basis. Ob's guys are getting long in the tooth, and it showed today. Very little pressure on Ray and poor choices regarding blitz routes. The sad thing is in the CFL you only need to get lucky and then get on a three game win streak to win it all. It shows in the way these guys play.

I think we may both have overestimated the Ticats final record. I'm thinking 8-10 is looking likely

I'll say 9-9.

Tiger-Cats are 6-7 with 5 games left.

  1. at home to Edmonton - win
  2. in Toronto - win
  3. at home to Montreal - loss
  4. In Calgary - loss
  5. at home to B.C. - win

However Ithink some of those predicted wins are more likely to be losses, than some of the predicted losses to be wins.

Honestly, I would've thought these two games against Edmonton would've been wins in the bank. Now I'm not sure. I thought Toronto looked pretty good against Sask -- they just couldn't cash in...which is a lot like us. And, as brutal as that team looks on some nights, their record is the same as ares. Meaning, we aren't very good at all.

So, I'm see-sawing between 9-9 or 8-10. And, I'm just blown away that in an 8 team league, we go nearly a decade between winning seasons. A truly amazing feat.

is it 'talk like a pirate day' already?

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I think Hamilton should start making plans for hosting the Argos November 14 for the Eastern Semi-Final. I think they will both end up 8-10 with Hamilton getting the home date for the playoffs to decide who will be the sacrificial Lamb for the Als.

that was a couple of weeks ago (sept 19)

Yes, it was, according to this: … Pirate_Day

Too bad it wasn’t when this happened:

Yarr! We be boardin’ yer ship, ye scallywags!

I'm prediciting 12 -9 to finish the year!!