Season Opener

And now for some trivia I picked up. . .

For those few fans of my vintage who can remember Rollie Miles. . . well one of the Eskimo cheerleaders is his granddaughter.

Cant believe Im posting here ugh... lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure you bought your lovely wife many nice things.

And I love Edmonton THE CITY. I go a least a couple times a year.

Thanks for that, now I really feel old.

I was pleasantly surprised by the game Jyles turned in. He played almost mistake free, and I'm attributing that to Kavis' keeping it simple for him...The guy has a good arm, too - something else I didn't really expect to see, but the few times he did air it out, he got good travel on it.

Essentially, Jyles is operating in a system much like Toronto's last year for both Lemon and for Jyles, but in Edmonton he has multiple receiving threats such that he can open things up. In fact his receiving options are better than Toronto's for that matter despite all the hype about Toronto's offseason. It also looks to me like Jyles' arm is stronger than was Lemon's arm.

Jyles' niche stands to be playing the system in place for him effectively.

I'll be intrigued if I continue to see some of the bunched and stacked offensive formations I have mentioned in other threads in which Jyles operates, and then I can comment more along those lines.

I do not expect the Eskie offence of course to dominate every single game the way it's looking, for it is not built to dominate but rather to not make mistakes and play field position and ball control.

I expect more for the Eskies to surprise more defences with all their different looks as they did Toronto the entire game.

The teams who take the Eskie offence and especially its defence for granted, including one in particular I have in mind, have the most about which to be concerned I think.

I basically agree, but they'll have to open it up sooner or later. Gotta get Stamps involved downfield, along with Carr and Bowman. That's what those guys get paid for... 5 yd. dumpoffs aren't going to cut it week after week. Jyles has a nice arm as I've said. I hope he can get it done and not miss his deep reads.

The defense is stout, even after all of the personnel that's been switched out from '11. They played a great game v. Toronto. No reason right now for me to think they won't continue to be good. It's the O that concerns me. It would be nice to have a real run threat...Charles doesn't exactly wow anybody.

Proof positive that we were there:

Good pictures MadJack; glad you enjoyed your time at the Stadium with Clarke Field off to the side.