Season Opener

Anyone from the boards here going to be in attendance?

Mrs MadJack and I will be there (section E), decked out in Eskimo gear!

I won't be, obviously, but I hope you both enjoy yourselves. :thup:

Very well said from this Eskimo fan in the above link.
When I first walked into Commonwealth Stadium in 2008 - I got shivers up my spine and enjoyed every minute of it.
Enjoy the experience and the game MadJack.

File this under "silver lining".

Normally, when you trade your QB to another team, he has a leg up when playing against you, because he's very familiar with the defence you run.

That won't apply on Saturday. Ray may be very familiar with the defence that Stubler ran in Edmonton last season, but he's gone, there's lots of new personnel, and Mark Nelson's schemes won't be something for which Ray has any inside info.

Enjoy the game Madjack hope the weather is good to not like here rain rain rain.

How'd you enjoy the game?

It's definitely going to take the offence a few games to get going, but the good news is Jyles looked good. I was a little nervous after that pre-season game. :lol: Also, Shaw was 4-for-4. Tillman lives to see another game. :lol:

JC Sherritt; 11 tackles - 2 on Special Teams...great performance.

Our D looked really good Ray was hurried all night. The O needs more work and they need to find more plays for Stamps .
Did anyone else notice Fred didn't seem to happy to be there last night.

Matt Nichols; even though he had a mishap on the 5th fieldgoal attempt, Nichols did a good job [heads up] on recovery of the play by throwing the ball towards the side line as Matty Bertrand was the nearest to it.

To bad would have been nice to see Shaw get 5 FG . Sure is nice to finally get a consistent kicker.

Shaw's kickoff's to the goal line were great, been a long time since we've had that :smiley:

My thoughts, having been there. . .

Toronto's defence and Edmonton's offence are pretty evenly matched. Whether that means they're both good, both bad or both mediocre, we'll see this coming weekend when they play against different opponents.

Edmonton's D was stellar. Sherritt and Munoz in particular stood out for me. Munoz is a beast of a tackler !

What I really liked about what Nelson was doing was he had the defence in a base 4/3 set; then, on second and long, sometimes but not always, he'd take out a D lineman and go to a 3/4 set, inserting Clint Kent as the extra LB. . . and you couldn't count on him doing that every time on second and long, he mixed things up, and I really believe it kept the Argos' offence off-balance.

Great place to watch a game. . . friendly knowledgeable fans. . .

how did you enjoy edmonton?
did you visit whyte ave?

His head sure was intact for that broken play, but that arm and pass were awful. It is a crapshoot anyway on a broken play.

Enjoyed it very much! As for Whyte Avenue/Strathcona, well, we had Sunday free, and while that's where I wanted to go, the Mrs wanted to go to the West Edmonton Mall, and you can guess who won.

Thanks MadJack for that first-hand account. You must have really enjoyed also the defensive and field position battle.

I've never been to Edmonton and even considered going there in October, but that trip will have to wait another year.

Judging from your comments and the fans applauding Ricky Ray and some of the commenters on here, what a class act are the folks in Edmonton.

To quote Duane Forde, "absolutely!"

I've a track record of being a defense-first kind of guy. Witnessing that season opener a couple of seasons ago where Saskatchewan won something like 55-51 in double overtime? NOT my kind of game, hated it. Montreal beats Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup 21-19? My kind of game !!

So yes I enjoyed the game. Edmonton's defence was a treat to behold, and it was particularly significant in that Stubler has gone and Nelson is taking over.

Just look at this week's scores. . . 43-16, 33-16, 38-10, and 19-15. . . pretty easy to pick which one would be MadJack's favourite game !

ya, gotcha. That mall is a real draw.
From someone who knows edmonton well I have very mixed emotions about it. It takes away a bit from the city as awhole for me. But I hope you enjoyed it.

I went to Boonstock this weekend and partied way too hard, so unfortunately i missed going to the game... but i PVR'd the Esk game and watched it today and i was very impressed with the Eskimo defense... Toronto barely moved the ball. Ontop of that, the thing that impressed me the most was the D-line, multiple sacks and consistent pressure all day. Something thats been lacking for a while in Edmonton. Jeanty, Howard and company should be a wrecking crew this year if thats a sight of things to come. :thup:
Sherrit was unreal as usual and the DB's covered pretty well.

Just gotta get the offense going... I was getting a little annoyed with dump passes on 2nd and 10... Looked way too much like poor Ricky Ray decision making :cowboy:

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Grant Shaw and JC Sherritt earned players of the week honors. Well done :smiley: