Season Opener

Somebody tell me that Chris McKenzie is injured.

If he isn`t. . . then I really question why Eubanks was out there. . . pretty dismal performance.

Okay, he’s injured.

Kudos to the esks. They won either way , but worst officiating ive seen in some time

Is it too early too start commenting on Berrys play calling????

Yes, it is too early for that.

When you lose 42 to 28, it's pretty obvious that the problem was on defence, not offence. Allowing 42 points to the team that was in last place last season and was pretty much totally blown up and had so many newcomers, including a completely re-worked offensive line, man that's bad. Richie Hall is a better defensive coordinator than that, surely.

Typical Ritchie Hall defense - sit back and try to keep them from getting the long one - but hey we couldn't stop them from getting the long one either. I hated bringing Ritchie hall back and now I am sure I was right. I thought field goal kicking was going to be our biggest problem but that is the least of our worries. If we give Cavillo that much time next week we are going to be 0-2 for sure.

With all the talk about the defense not having a game plan last year, anticipation ran high. Too bad their first game plan this year was to play like GIRLS! :thdn:

Bad outing. I'll start with some positives.

Special teams was good. Punting really sharp. Too bad that Duval had an even better outing punting. Downfield coverage was also pretty good despite some missed and unfinished tackles.

Defence - Sorry but they were not too bad for guys left on the field way to long. Kye Stewart, nice game. Barrin played well but he always shouls as the leader. They better get aggressive in a hurry. I think the effort coach Etchevary was sadly missed yesterday.

Nick Graham, welcome to the CFL, got torched on a wonderfully setup series of play calls by Marcus Crandell.

Eubanks - didn't watch him. Can't comment.

Patrick, seemed to be around where he needed to be. Lance Frazier another leader needs to be better. He got beat on two long balls and missed a tackle that resulted in 15 additional YAK yards.

D-Line - Bad. No upfield pressure at all. They got handled. There were some specific individual efforts on certain plays but overshadowed by an overall bad game.

Injuries - This is the bigger concern, every injury creates some changes and this team is not getting any rythym? On D, McKenize, Tad and Jerrell were out? On offence Kock was missed as a 5 game vet and now wheelright is out and Patrick Brown will likely come in. Getzlaff dropped a ball. Dressler and Clermont were easily the best two receivers and Nunn was noticable. Think of all the adjustments on special teams as guys go down. Next game we will see brandon west as the team will need Hugh sometime to fully heal!

Refs - they were all over our receivers on 3-4 plays. That fumble on the one yard line was a joke. I find it funny how one hand holding the ball on your hip constitutes having control of the ball. Incomplete pass.

Need Jerrell back so they can try to get some heat? Think about playing the Als' even better O-line to allow Calvillo lots of time and an more impressive receiveing corpse...........Richardon, SJ Green, yikes yikes yikes.

The riders should have walked off of the field in protest of that reffingo

a few points from the game...

  • yes, the reffing was about as bad/one sided as I have ever seen (the CFL should be assessing this game...seriously)
  • the D played alright, but could not tackle...worn out is not an excuse, they couldn't tackle in the first, and actually suffered from this last year at times as well.
  • there was a lack of blitz.
  • The second INT was all DD...don't really fault him entirely for the others...but that is 1 fumble and 3 ints already. he was what 14 and 23 last year? gotta improve this, but everyone knows that.
  • JC was open lots. Do him and DD simply not get along or something, because he would not pass to him.
  • a screen or to would have loosened up the defense.
  • my dog knows that Ray is an underneath passer...does Hall know? He freaking coached that team, he should know Ray inside out.
  • Our play calling on O was not too bad, I don't think, more that the Esks played top notch D.
  • The Esks looked really good. I will be honest, I did not think they would look this put together, and I don't think the Riders did either. The Riders did not look like they had their heads in this game.

I'm not trolling here but I really don't think the Refs caused the Riders to lose . you can explain your reasoning if you like but there were 2 calls on the Esks for time clock violation but the clock had been started way too early .

For the most part I thought the officiating was fine. I haven't re-watched the game on my PVR though and sometimes that shows a few mistakes that are hard to see at the game. Some bad holding calls they let go both ways, certainly could have been called but I don't think they were game changers. I felt the Riders receivers should have earned a pass interference call a few times, and with a more veteran group probably would have.

The offense never really seemed to get into a groove, right when it looked like they had all the momentum and we're poised to tie the game at 27 that tipped interception happens in Eskimo territory. That was probably the difference in the game right there. Barnes also should not have caught that 2nd TD pass, it was probably the only mistake that Ray made all night and it ends up as a TD.

Officiating was fine, stop making excuses. Anyone with a pair of eyes could see that defence was the problem last night. Offence put up so decent points but couldnt dig the team out of the hole they were in. Back to the drawing board boys

I never said they lost from officiating. The Esks won either way. I am normally that last to point at a ref, as I realize mistakes are made...If you really want, look at the history of my posts, and I have normally supported or been neutral on refs. The only time in the past that I can really recall me trashing the reffing was a Bombers Als game last year. All of that being said, this reffing was horrid. There were at least 3 blatant PI by the Esks with the refs looking right at them, a phantom PI on the riders where the defender never even touched him (the ref was about 10 yards directly behind them, the receiver dove for the ball, and I believe the ref assumed it was a push), there was one really bad chop by a receiver after the ball was well passed the line (illegal this year). The review/fumble on the 1, I have not taken a good look at, but I do believe the refs got it right (hard to tell from the stands).

Don't get me wrong, I can understand missing plays, it happens. I understand hard judgements on catches and fumbles. things happen fast, but when you are within 15 yards of the receiver and see him dragged down well before the ball is there, that MUST be called every single is simply unacceptable to miss something like that. I am not saying the refs were bias, I naturally tune in blown things for the Riders more so when at a game...when at home watching it on TV I see it both ways more so. I am very capable of separating being a Rider fan from being even a bigger fan of the game (it is rare that I miss more than a few games in a year), but it was shabby reffing. If you don't see it, I suggest re-watching the game, I know I will.

I understand where your coming from I do the same thing when my team loses . In fairness to the Esks there were some calls missed for them as well 1 on a facemask on porter and one when Ray took a shot to the head . both should have been auto first downs, instead they punted.

I agree, but believe me, it was being well discussed in the first quarter even. it is what it is, and I don't blame the refs for the loss, it was very frustrating to see, whether it had been the Riders or another team.

whatever, on to the next game

Where was freeman and koch?

The offense was fine. I had no problems with the offense at all.

It's personnel, not scheme. They don't have the guys up front to get pressure and they don't have the guys at the back to cover. That's Taman's fault because he doesn't know how to build a defense. he still builds it like and armchair QB - completely backwards. He proved that to me when he signed Barrin Simpson to big money. You don't build around linebackers, you get a DL first, and then you make sure your secondary can cover second. If you do that, LBs take care of themselves. He doesn't get this. He is not qualified for the job of GM.

Camera followed him half the time Edmonton had the ball. he was torched left right and center.

D-Line - Bad. No upfield pressure at all. They got handled. There were some specific individual efforts on certain plays but overshadowed by an overall bad game.
Agreed, but was bad last year too. Even with Hawkins healthy, the Riders don't have a top 10 rush end in the league. The Riders haven't had pressure without blitzing since Chick and Baggs left. Other teams have improved on D-line in the last year but not Sask. Mr Taman, where are you?
Refs - they were all over our receivers on 3-4 plays. That fumble on the one yard line was a joke. I find it funny how one hand holding the ball on your hip constitutes having control of the ball. Incomplete pass.
That was a catch, total control, feet on the ground and then clearly swatted out. Replay actually got that one perfect.