Season opener

Great way to start the season! :thup:

Ricky Ray bounced back. Bowman seems to have turned his game around like Peterson did a couple seasons back. Barnes made Tillman look foolish. The running game looked good. At first it looked like it was going to be all in the air, but Crandell eventually called some running plays, and our backs performed well. Though we seemed to play Porter more in the second half.

The defence played better in the second half. Of course, when you're playing against Durant, you're usually guaranteed at least one pick. :lol: Wasn't overly impressed with #10 in the first half. He seemed kind of lost. Apparently S isn't his usual position. Man, we need a real safety. First we're using Hill, now we're using this guy.

But we won, so let's enjoy it! :thup:

Next week we have Hamilton.

Very impressed ! If we can keep this going we will definitely surprise a lot of people this year. The D looked like they can tackle . DB's played better then the last few years .
On offense Ricky looks like he found his arm again . Looks like we have the best Rec core in the CFL and on paper the best running game in the CFL but I will hold off until game 3 or 4 to make any further predictions on where this team finishes this year.

I was delighted with the win as I thought before hand that they would match up O.K. and have at least a chance to beat Sask. The O-line played hard and had control of their game; the running game was working and is KEY for this year. Getting pressure on Durant got results, so thus hope our D and special teams continue to come up big again next week when Hamilton comes to town. I just might purchase an Esk's jersey with #38 "DUVAL" on the back. Oh well, congats to the Eskimos on their victory. :thup: Ricky Ray had an awesome day too.

The best part about this win: It was on the road. Considering how bad we've been on the road over the last 4-5 years, winning our first road game feels good. :thup:

I was listening to the post game show on 630 ched,even a lot of the Eskimo faithful were very surprised with the result tonight.

The DB's were cagey enough to get onto Durant's game later on in order to secure those three interceptions. Now let's see them start stronger please. Weston Dressler indeed is quick and elusive, but if you can't stop that guy we'll be in a world of hurt with most of the other teams with at least one receiver better than Dressler.

And also go figure even with their double-tight front from last season, we held Wes Cates to only 56 yards on 10 carries and stuck him hard enough once to force his fumble.

The Riders however did use Cates effectively on pass plays, and we better find a linebacking answer to that as well as near the goal line as other teams will be watching that film on Cates.

I was shocked by this result, and very pleased. After the last few years I was afraid to get my hopes up too much. They played very well and still have room to improve. I'm very impressed with Crandell as OC so far, Bowman was great hope he continues that, Barnes was real good, Williams and Brown were punishing on the Defence, the mixed up O-line played their best game in years,very good effort all around.

Did anyone else notice the ridiculous number of times helmets got knocked off in that game? Seemed like every other play someone was looking for their lid. Was there a chin-strap recall?

I was saying the same thing, in fact I've noticed an increase the last few years. Simpsons helmets came off on every play he was involved with.

I've noticed that also but haven't payed close enough attention; not all of their straps are done up/and or tight perhaps?

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WOW! - This will be cool for the season opener at Commonwealth.

I wish they got these guys to play the half-time show at the Grey Cup last year.....then it wouldnt' have sucked!

I got to watch the highlights. Nice first TD. And that td saving tackle from Brown in the first was pretty cool.

Brown's INT in the 3rd was pretty sweet. Nice awareness to grab that ball.

Granted I was only watching highlights, but Ray seemed to be slinging the ball pretty well.

Always nice to get a road win.

You are aware that It's not "Guns N Roses " It's Guns 4 Roses. and by the way last years halftime show was the best in a long time, but it also depends on your age to.

I've never gotten to do this, but anyone else with enough years on them to have seen Guns 'N' Roses live at some point back in those days? When and where?

For me it was the double feature following Metallica in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1992.

There just were not many great rock bands after that and for the most part too much went to crap and rap.

You're right. And it's continuing this week. I've seen about 4 helmets come off so far in the Toronto/Winnipeg game.