season opener

Wow that sucked. Too many poor performances by too many players, and Rob Maver... my god. he needs to practice more, or stay off the field if he's actually hurt. That last missed field goal was embarrassing. I actually think I might have been able to get that one closer than he did.

Those two touchdowns were satisfying, but outside of those few minutes and the opening quarter, that was tough to watch. First game and all, no need to freak out, but that effort won't cut it against any team this year.

Go Stamps! You can do better!

...agree with what you said 100%...maver, pffft, he makes those kicks and we're talking about a very bad 1-0 start, instead of this....walk of shame for him...

RedAndWhite and all, maybe I will try out? I'm solid inside 42-43 yards. :lol:

Give me one month to train supreme here in the heat of Florida on the sandy soil if Maver does not get it back into gear? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I can punt with a spiral and drop kick it from beyond 45 yards too. :lol:


Agreed... Even one of those misses goes through we win.

As an Alouettes fan I can’t help taking an interest in Larry Taylor
While he didn’t “break the Big One
Kick returning is more about consistently getting your team good field position
I think LT did his job pretty well

While myth would have it that Trestman’s decision to dump Taylor last year
Was motivated by some misguided loyalty to the “guys who got us this far”
I guess that explains why he tried Diamond Ferri, Leroy Vann, Andrew Hawkins, Brian Bratton and Chip Cox at the KR position…Maypray couldn’t “get” the Alouettes to the depanneur.
I can’t help thinking there was some other reason

Whatever that reason was
I sure hope it was worth losing one of the best return men in the CFL
And not just another “pride ‘goeth-ing’ before a fall” moment
Or simply a matter of a few bucks

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Stamps sign a kicker.

Its really nice finally having someone as dangerous as LT is…thanks for letting him go!