Season Opener

Mrs MadJack and I will be in Montreal for the season opener on 30 June.

Not sure where to stay. . .am thinking about the Hyatt Regency or Delta Montreal. . . any other good suggestions fairly close to Molson Stadium ?

Recommendations for good eateries will also be greatly appreciated.

Since youre in montreal you need to eat at Shwartz's on 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

If youre feeling rich Moishe's has amazing steaks

If you stop by old montreal theres several good eateries on St. Paul east in old montreal

I second that Swartz's plug


I've eaten at Ruben's before, but for sure will try Swartz this time.

MadJack, you are a super Als fan- visit Montreal this year and Grey Cup loss in 2009. The Als and Montreal are a great combination- My hunch is that in your past you lived in Montreal. I am not trying to get you to reveal any of your personal life- its just a hunch and, I don't expect you to respond to " my hunch."

As MadJack's brother, I could be persuaded to spill the beans... :wink:

And no, my username is not a clue to our origins; I have never actually been to Winnipeg myself (which is why old "housedog" would not consider me a "true fan").

Your hunch is incorrect, Niagara. . . Grey Cup 2009 was only the second time I have ever been in Montreal. . . first was a few years previous, on my way up to Ungava for a Caribou hunt.

Hey Madjack,

When I am in Montreal for business I stay at Marriott Residence on Peel. Breakfast is free, you get a nice little kitchen in the room. Rates are reasonable. A short hike to McGill and Crescent Street lots of options there. As for dinner Swartz is great, If you like Mexican try three Amigos on Ste Catherine the lamb burrito is out of this world. If you like Irish pub atmosphere try McKibbins on Bishop. Great Sheppards pie!


On Sherbrooke street near Avenue du Parc, you have:

Holiday Inn Hotel Montreal-Midtown
Four Points hôtel & Suites Sheraton

Otherwise can't go wrong with Sheraton on Rene-Levesque, right in front of Bell Centre.

FYI, 2009 Grey Cup was in Calgary, but we all know you meant 2008 Grey Cup :wink:

Ah yes, but scroll back up. . . it was not I who said 2009 intially, but rather NIagara. And then I compounded it by repeating it.

Ah, growing old … .

Or if you feel like eating healthy my old man and his pals have just opened iburger on Metcalfe and Sainte-Catherine's. There's even Quinoa Burgers ! Hopefully we'll snap a shot of Calvillo eating one :slight_smile:

One other place that nobody mentioned is Chalet Bar-B-Q at the corner of Sherbrooke and Addington facing the Decarie Expressway. It's the place the Swiss Chalet copied (a rather BAD copy if you ask me) and it wins The Gazette's "Quest for the Best" rotisserie chicken in Montreal every year. I brought one of my friends from Toronto there when we went to see the CFL Eastern Final 3 years ago and he still talks about

If you're in the mood for sushi, Sakura (de la Montagne above de Maisonneuve) is a great place to eat.

For a quick snack...

Just a couple blocks South of Schwartzes on St Laurent...if memory serves
There are a few "deli" type places where you can pick up some delicious sausage sandwiches
And other sliced meat delights
Pickles and cherry coke a must

Hard on the cholesterol perhaps
But easy on the taste buds
and the wallet

Man I'm getting hungry...

Sorry to burst ur bubbles boys but Schwartz isnt the same anymore. They have there head so far stuck up there a$$'s that they dont care what they sell u, it does nor taste the same anymore at all! And to top it off they are all mean and treat the customers like garbage. I would rather go across the street to the Main and be treated with respect.

Was surprised/disappointed to see last Grey Cup they don't use the charcoal broiler there anymore. :frowning:

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Well all is arranged, we have our tickets and the hotel (Omni on Sherbrooke) all booked. Thanks to all for the suggestions.

mrs. als rule and I will miss the season opener!!