Season Opener WagJag

Just saw this WagJag for the cats season opener, $55 for 2 bronze tickets.

[url=] ... c448fdf93d[/url]
[url=] ... gjag=22522[/url]

Original link didn’t work…

[url=] ... c448fdf93d[/url]

Yup...that's a good deal!

Cheaper than season's tickets which are $60 for a pair.

Even though i have season tickets, i bought 2 for friends, Great deal ! :thup:

125 Bought to date. thats 250 tickets, thats awesome.

Only 3 Days left !!

135 Bought.

Lets keep it going TigerTown !

154 Bought. :thup:

[b]168 Bought

1 day left !![/b]