Season Opener Tonight Argos Fans!

Toronto and Calgary tonight.

Calgary is always a good team, hopefully tonight we can prove we are up to the challenge. If the Argos can win this game I think it will help to build their credibility back.

Lets gooo Argooos

Congrats on the win, Argos. I expected my stamps to play better, but you guys really clogged up the running game, and Lemon got them down the field when it mattered.

Rematch not 'till october? Seems like a long time...

…Yup, good game to the boatmen, congrats on taking one in our backyard

I think the Grey Cup will still have to go through Calgary and Montreal for the West and East finals, of course they both could be upset by Sask. and the Argos respectfully.

I think BC will be the surprise team in the West.
but the CFL is really even all the way through this year, I think anyone can beat anyone. I think the Argos are better than the Bombers though, they should win next week. Reid shouldn't be able to do a lot of damage against that line and Pierce is only as proven as Lemon is to me.
I predict a week 2 win as well!

Some stand up classy Stamps fans below... :thup: :slight_smile:

I agree with Marc that Toronto will win next week too.

The entire West is looking mediocre at best in my opinion.

I am hardly sold on BC without a running game even against Montreal's defence, for I think Montreal has the weakest front seven and defence altogether in the East.

The Stamps actually are the best team in the West, but they are not the team of last year just as are not also the Riders.

Of course a healthy kicker would do wonders for the Stamps for most games as they could win with that passing offence, but even so the surprise for more than just me is that the Stamps still won't have a good running game against any but the most leaky of defences.

Toronto has a good defense and special teams. If we can stop Boyd, we stop the offence. When you pressure lemon he gets uncomfortable and makes mistakes. Bombers offence is more dynamic. I would take Buck over Lemon any day of the week. Put simple bombers are the better all around team that are used to grinding style games, which i think it will be come Friday. Take it to the bank. 8)

Buck has looked REALLY average thus far. In both pre-seaon games and in week 1. Lemon had more passing yards than Buck did in week 1. IMO, I think Toronto has better Offense, Defense AND Special Teams than Winnipeg. Winnipeg will have the home-field advantage on Friday. We'll see what happens.

Buck looked fine. Offence struggled to get going a little, but so did Toronto. Didn't see much that showed me a great improvement in Lemon from last year, looked pretty bad against a very average defence actually. I think we have a better QB and better Offence. T.o. has us in the defence, and special teams department, but not by much. Anyways, we get to find out Friday!!! Good luck, may the best team win! :rockin:

lol i think that you will be a little surprised then on Friday.

No surprise here! Bombers win easily. :smiley:

After the hit Buck took on Canada Day, I think he'll be a litter more tense in the pocket come Friday. I think he knows he's 1 concussion away from retirement.

first of all, the game between winnipeg and hamilton was awful, just awful.
The quarterbacks played awful, the play overall was generally awful.
And still the bombers barely won.
How that performance has bombers fans believing they are going to have a good season I cannot comprehend.
The Bombers offence is not as good as Calgary, I honestly do not see them winning more than 1/10 of these matchups.


I don't know about that......Winnipeg is definately a better team than last year. Losing Philip Hunt REALLY hurt but they have a REALLY talented receiving corps. If Buck finds his groove, they have one of the best offences in the league. I think the game on Friday will be really close. Regardless of who wins. GO ARGOS GO! WOOOO!

Lol i think you were a little too busy saying how shitty the bombers were to take a look in your own backyard buddy. 2-0 ahhh feels great. Have a good day, i know i will. :cowboy:

the bombers played awful again btw.
The argos just out awfuled them.
Defense was the only good asset of either teams game last night.

Yup...played awful and WON. Again.

Uh, Bombers fans, quit trolling in the Toronto board. :wink:

Awww...isn't there like a 24hr grace period after a win?