Season Opener.....Riders against Ticats

This one is a true test of the commissioner. In zak’s last 3 games he has been taken out with dirty head shots.

The commissioner needs to show leadership and take action that actually gets there attention.

Once is a mistake … twice is a bad unlucky break … three times in a row ? Time for zack to step back and let Harker grow into the role.

I think now the Riders need to pick one quarterback and develop them. My pick would be Harker. It may cost the playoffs, but it will be good for the long term. That means playing them and allowing them to make mistakes. None of this switching back and forth every game or even within games. If you want to develop a championship quarterback you need to allow them to make mistakes. I remember watching Reilly and Cavillo as new starters and thinking they would never make it. That is why you need to let them play through some tough times and grow through them. Switching back and forth, riding the hot hand, yeah it might get you into the playoffs but you are not going far in the playoffs and next year you are back in the same boat looking for a quarterback.

For now, get on the blower with Bridge’s agent.

You’re kidding…Right.

Well. Mike Reilly had a 3-15 season with the esks when he started, so i’m All for developing a guy as long as they think they have the right guy , go for it. Because realistically, I never expected the riders to get out of the basement this year anyways, this is a throw away season and they should use it to DEVELOPE A QUARTERBACK.

I’m not about to throw away the season. F that!

Who’s available that’s better? Kevin Glenn? I’d rather have Bridge, but I’ll hear that. They’re down to 2 QBs, they need a third. If Zach gets 6-gamed it frees up cap space. Who gets brought in?

Gagni…call in the release

This hit changes nothing. If Zach is out…2 and 3 move up and continue competing for the starter spot

Well I think all fans hoped this scenrio wouldn’t happen.
Having said that I think many fans (myself included) had a nagging feeling that ZC’s time as a QB is finished, if not for the team (so the Riders can move on) for his own future and health.
Lets move on.
Also lets not forget we are hosting the Grey Cup NEXT SEASON…Shouldn’t management be thinking of that!

I totally agree. No point bringing someone in who we already know isn’t going to help us. I’m hoping they start Harker. This kid is showing better than anyone we’ve had in years. He has all the tools and he’s smart. Makes quick decisions and gets the ball to where he wants it. He may be our future, let’s find out.

Collaros showed why he is #1 in camp and in preseason. He was statistically a top 3 or 4 last season when you start looking at it all…there was a piece by Taylor on this from before he moved over to rider land.

Was ZC at a risk because of previous head injuries…likely. any QB is at high risk on a bit like that though…as was the case with the hits last season. Hard to say he can’t take a hit when they are head blows like that…i know I would be down to

I havnt seen Collars play at all this year due to the non broadcast of preseason game 2, and being at work rushing home and it being 6mins left into the first quarter. I realise that Zac is not the problem and McDooDoo is.

Tough to judge Macadoo under a new HC when he is using his backup 3 plays into the season. Not sure that is fair to put into play at this point

Oh yah no doubt in my mind. Loved what I saw.
If he moves the ball and doesn’t make many mistakes, it’s a no brainer…let him fly.
Put Cody F in with certain packages as a ‘change up’
I have no doubt he’s also gotten the attention of the coaching staff !!

Harker showed poise and put some zip on the ball, but I can’t say that I saw enough to be ‘sold’ that he’s the future yet. He looked a lot like Bridge actually (minus the scrambling) even right down to his throwing motion.

Harker reminds me of Riley, minus the running, time will tell, the kid looked good. Need to develop him
he may be our QB answer . He’s young and will make mistakes, but they all do!! Give the kid a chance, we got nothing to loss if Zac is out.

How big is Harker, can he stand some punishment. Because the o-line can’t protect every play.?

Well he’s young and can ‘beef up’
How big was Demon Allen?

I guess, if you can get rid of the ball quickly, that can save punishment. Some smaller guys get through without concussions, I guess everyone’s different.

I think the game has changed from years ago. Maybe I’m wrong but I look at all the years Lancaster played and got hit many times (as well as many other QB’s over the years) but no concussion issues there and he was NOT big.
I believe there is alot more spearing with Helmets at the head then ever before.
Football has always been a very physical sport but the hitting (not tackling) has changed IMO
Maybe it’s just my perception.

I question if there were no concussion issues or if there was just lack of education and awareness. You don’t see the term stinger much any more. I know full well I had concussions as a kid playing…just didn’t know any better or think much of it at the time. I do think the size and speed of players now is a factor…human bodies are being pushed to and past their limits…same reason / big factor as to why there are so many tendon issues now IMO. Definately players out there who have a bit of a spidey sense though as well…some just seem to have that natural ability to avoid certain things.