Season Opener.....Riders against Ticats

Here we go, Pretty excited to see this thing get going.
Hopefully ZC looks sharp?
I say we win this one "IF we don’t get beat on the longer pass…25 yds and up
Should be a good game
Go Riders!

Question marks everywhere. New schemes all around for both teams. It’ll probably come down to execution, who’s more prepared to play smart and fast week 1 than the other.

Imma say the Rider DL will dictate success or not. I’m interested to see if a QB rolls out if they can contain…outside of that it should be a great DL…perhaps better than last season. CH can contain…ACL is a better rush end than Jefferson…not sure on contain and rolling. They let a very good DE go in favor of some really big DE at depth that I’m not sure can accomplish that…will be amazing at getting a push, but may not be able to keep up outside. I’m hoping that parting with Geter was not a mistake

I tuned in as soon as igot home from work… 6ish mins left in the 1st… And Zac is already out… Anyone see the hit? Will it warrant any $ out of Simoni Lawrences pocket? Or other?

It was bad. Collaros was sliding and Lawrence went after his head.

Shouldn’t Fajardo’s name be pronounced FaHardo?

Le Sigh… Thanks for the input. Its sad when this happenes. Also why cant the Riders find a better #1 qb. Maybe someone not made of glass

Well QB is argubaly the hardest position to fill. This year kinda sucked cause we went all in on getting one of the big name QBs and when it all shook out we were left with nothing. I wish we would have just moved on from.Collaros and started trying to groom a young QB, but I think management feels we are too close to winning to basically throw away a season or two grooming a new QB. They gambled hoping Collaros would stay healthy. When he is healthy he gives us a chance to win the cup.

Le Sigh… Thanks for the input. Its sad when this happenes. Also why cant the Riders find a better #1 qb. Maybe someone not made of glass

Just home from work … was the hit clean or dirty, and what’s the injury update on zak ?

I see on TSN the penalty was only roughing the passer and wasn’t tossed ? Was zak injured after a hit or something ?

Well, that didn’t take very long, time to develope our own q.b.

Well frankly I’m sold!
If ZC is out, Harker’s got to be the guy hands down, nuff said.

Dirty hit on Zac, if he stayed in we would of won this, And they say Cats are the #1 team in the east, hell our # 3 QB damn near beat them. I am sold on Harker, they need to start groomin him as out starter. Very Impressed. He is young and will make mistakes, but very impressed.

I don’t think it would take very long. If he plays to that calibre he should play more often right off the bat. Didn’t seem to phase him at all…that’s what I liked.

Yes dirty hit. Zac slid feet first, simoni came in head hunting. Zac left due to concussion protocol. Not sure on severity yet.

Harker looked great! Screw playing fajardo or Zac.

I thought we’d get at least two or three games out of him before he went down…first drive and he’s out??? Damn it!

So you feel in 2 plays that you saw enough to say Collaros isn’t good enough?

IMO this is 100% a side effect of unpadded practices and defenders not getting climatized to making the right decisions.

Interesting take depop…wonder how many folks think of that.

Another pathetic cheap shot on Zac. Hope hes ok. Harker looks to be the future in my opinion

As much as I’m a tiger cat fan, I think Simoni Lawrence should be suspended for about 5 games. I think it sets the tone by the CFL that hits like this are unacceptable. It was a late hit also. I like Simoni Lawrence overall but he shouldn’t have made the hit on Collaros like that to the head.

Players need to be held accountable for there actions. It reminds me of Toronto Maple Leaf player Nazem Kadri taking a cheap shot on a Boston Bruin Player in the playoffs. Totally unacceptable.