Season Opener - Discussion

I liked the insertion of larry Taylor and, his end around plays. The als should continue to make this good use of his speed. On the Calgary side, I have been impressed by the play ofthe defensive back Brownes. He makes it difficult for receivers to operate because of the ultra tight coverage he provides.

Mrs MadJack and I went to the game in Hamilton...........too late by the time we got back to watch the Als' game........for those who did see it, how were the 2 new DBs and how did Emry do at MLB?

The Halfbacks are big athletic guys, as a unit they tackle really well, all of them are punishing hitters, Even Proux came up the middle a couple times and stopped Reynolds dead in his tracks. Emry had a shot at an interception off of a couple bounce but couldn’t wrestle the ball in. Cox is one fast outside LB and showed it on the interception returned for a TD. Diamond was Diamond, a physical presense with a short fuse.

RB and receivers aren’t going to enjoy their time playing against this bunch…

The only weak points I could see were, punt and cover teams and six times in the red zone with field goals… Calvillo needs to figure that out, it has been a while now that he has a hard time finishing. Richardson wasn’t healthy and that didn’t help that fact.

Real nice effort by the Als. They looked better than last year.

If you're talking about Brandon Browner, I have never seen a more overrated piece of garbage masquerading as a DB. All he does is mug receivers from the moment the ball is snapped. It's unbelievable. Jersey tugs, pulls, hands on hands, and he face-masks constantly. How he gets away with all his crap is something I don't understand.

I hear what you're saying, but IMO the playcalling was the main problem, and on at least one occasion there was a mixup between Calvillo and one of his receivers (Bratton ran an in pattern instead of going out and the ball almost went for a pick). I find that Milanovich is too in love with the underneath stuff at all times, and particularly in the end zone. All those little swing passes underneath get easy to stop if you never go over top. I'd like to see a few fade and post routes when we're in the red zone to make use of the speed of guys like Watkins and Richardson. A deep out or curl pattern to Cahoon would be another way to go since Cahoon makes cuts on a dime and usually escapes coverage on outs and curls.

He's a thug but he get's away with it...It's all about playing on the edge and he knows exactly where that edge is.

Thing is, he plays over the edge IMO. I can understand walking that fine line as a DB but Browner will facemask, interfere with, or otherwise make illegal contact on a receiver on virtually every play. It's absurd and I don't know how he gets away with it so frequently. The CFL is supposed to be about high-scoring offenses, but it's hard to score when a 6'4'' goon is grabbing your face mask at the line and then pulling and tugging on your jersey nonstop until the play is over.

Kerry Watkins said he was punched in the face by Browner...teams should file complaints IMO if a guy is dangerous.

Unless there is a problem with the snap, the problem with the special teams play is the punters get-off time, also known as hand-to-foot. The time it takes to punter from touching the football after snap, to punting the football. Any punter who takes over 1.5 seconds or more to punt the football isn't normally considered for pro football. The Als punter took 1.7 seconds both times. I am a punter with a 1.0 second get-off, using only 1 1/2 steps to punt. 1.0 seconds is un-heard of, 1.2 seconds is excellent, 1.4 seconds is good, 1.5-1.7 fair, 1.7+ poor. With a 1.0-1.4 second get-off, I've had one punt blocked in 12 years of play and practice. If you want to know what a 1 1/2 step punt with a 1.0 second get-off and a 5.6+ second hang-time looks like, the punt at 2:30 in the below Youtube video of the Stamps tryout in 2009 demonstrates it:

If you really think those .2 of a second wouldve stopped the ball from being blocked you were watching the wrong game. There were problems on the snap (notably that it was slow and difficult to handle at times) and the guys that got through got through untouched which owuld indicate a problem wit hthe schemes. Duval has not had problems punting the ball in any of the past seasons he was here and I doubt I could mention 2 other instances where his punts were blocked in his tenure. He has also been noted as one of the best punters in the league so calling his timing into question seems more like a blatant plug for yourself and less of a true indication of his play.

Id also call into question your assessment of his timing given that youre talking about a measurement in tenths of a second so it is entirely possible your stopwatch was a tenth of a second off both at the start and at the end.


That makes sense. There are many variables. However, from the video on the Stamps web site below, the first punt had no snap problems and it took 2.0-2.2 seconds to punt the ball, the second punt had no problems either, but I couldn't get a get-off time. And once a team gets a sniff that the punter has a slow get-off time, which the opposing team can find out during pre-game, the punt return team goes into punt block mode.

[url=] ... eo/?id=578[/url]

Further, since the Als weren't trying out kickers the days I showed up at thier open tryouts, the below video of the Stamps tryout in 2009 is what I hope all special teams coaches will see.

There are many variables at play here.

1- A rookie LS

2- New guys on punt teams

3- Possible timing issues with punter

4- Possible scheme issues

But when guys get through untouched in both gaps, the last thing on the punter's mind is raising his leg. IMO Duval did the right thing and protected himself and the ball. I'd rather a turnover then losing an all star kicker who does all kicking duties to injury.

very well put. good on you!

He punched Watkins in the face in the end zone and gave him a concussion and pulled on his face mask, they gave a flag not to him but another palyer, this is so ridiculous.

It sucks but the CFL has always been like that. Field is big, game is fast and these officials just can't keep up, some of them look like they live off Timbits.

Maybe the next step of the "command center" will be to hand out suspensions, fines and penalties for stuff that get's missed but can be seen during or after the game. It would help clean up a lot of the garbage out there.