Season Opener - Discussion

Kudos to the D tonight. They played a bit soft at times, and reverted back to the dreaded "let the other team convert on 2nd and 15 via a screen or QB draw" occasionally, but in the main, they did a stellar job containing a very dangerous passing team and despite being placed by offensive and special-teams turnovers in very tight situations. I thought Cox looked comfortable at linebacker, Estelle manned up when it counted, and the two rookie DBs acquitted themselves pretty well against Calgary's receivers. I still want them playing tight man coverage more frequently, but I like what I saw tonight.

Special teams. Absolutely brutal. No two ways about it. Squires, as I've been saying since last season, is a terrible coordinator. You give up one blocked punt and maybe it's a fluke. You give up TWO in one game and there is a problem with your schemes. Al I can say is that they'll definitely do better next week, if only because I can't see any way they could have played worse. If not for their gaffes, we win this one easily.

Offense. Mixed bag. Hot start degenerated into predictability, particularly on second down, and a seeming unwillingness to test Calgary's DBs deep. The Stamps were locking us down on the underneath stuff from the second quarter on because we weren't challenging them over top frequently enough. And draw plays on 2nd and 6? Bah. That may work against the Hamiltons of the league, but not against the defending Grey Cup champs. Milanovich and Trestman are great football minds but they have a long way to go in terms of making adjustments and calling a good game through 60 full minutes. Cobourne had a good game yardage-wise but I want more discipline out of him. Two bone-headed penalties and too much yapping instead of performance. Richardson looked at about 25% of himself; I'll give him a pass because the pneumonia set him back in camp. Watkins looked great. Calvillo was superb early, but fell out of rhythm later, but I wonder if part of that is just the poor playcalling that kept yielding no results (5-yard pass to the RB on 2nd and long? why exactly?).

Awesome effort on the Road by the Als !

Yes..special teams needs more work. The turnovers is what got Calgary back in the game. Jamal Richardson looked out of breath from his bout with Pneumonia. He should've hit the sidelines every once in a while to retain his energy, in the second half. Calvillo to Cobourne passes and hand-offs were getting predictable. Reminiscent of the Pringle days. The Als were mixing it up in the 1st quarter and should've kept that routine going for the rest of the game.Calgary had the offence figured out by the 2nd quarter. McPherson was perfect for the 3 and 1 gambles. I would like ot see more man to man coverage. Defense did a good job at containing Burris in the pocket.

Oh yes, I hereby dub McPherson the King of Short Yardage. Four QB sneaks, 14 yards, all successful. When you average 3.5 yards per third-down gamble, you are executing correctly. :smiley:

Definitely kudos to the Als for the win - Calgary - on the road - time difference, etc.
Dont know if the defence made Burris look poor, or it was one of his Jekyl and Hyde games. Thought the DBs particularly Estelle played well. Would have liked to see more blitzing. Offensively, they did bog down in the 2nd half (Richardson was out), and the red zone performance could have been better. But the run game game was quite impressive against a Calg. defense that was tough against the run last year. On special teams Mr. Squires better get his act together on punt protection! There were problems in the first pre-season Tor. game also. I also like McPhersons short yardage production, but a pet peeve of mine is that they should take some shots on the 2nd and short free plays.

Basically agree with all of the above. What pleased me most, though, is the new method of reviewing plays from a Toronto control centre. Had it been the old method of the ref going under the curtain, I am 100-percent certain he would have called it forward pass by Burriss and not a fumble.

what was with all of the blocked punts? :expressionless:.

Scott Squires, that's what.

Reading some of you,we get the impression that we lost; yes,there are corrections to be made but we won; we generated 431 yards of offense compared to 301 by Calgary. We beat a defesnse coached by Chris Jones; when he coached in MTL, the press-TSN and others- rarelyspoke about him; now that he is in Calgary he is the best "thing" since "sliced bread". We did not beat the lowly Tiger Cats-sorry Cats fan- but one of the best team in CFL. Richardson hardly played in the second half and Watkins missed a few series. I could be wrong but I have the impression that Richardson will not have a great year. If he is hurt S.J. Green could be activated;Andrew Hawkins is also a possibility. I don't worry; we have depth.

Yes, corrections have to be made/players changed to special teams,but,please, stop blaming the coach. Players have to execute.

It felt good to beat Calgary and Burris; he has "un complexe de supériorité"; he will come down to earth, at least for a few days.


I agree about the new review system coming from the head office in T.O. I watched it in action for both games last night, and found that it was more efficient and quicker! Took less than 2 minutes...they didn't even cut to a commercial break.

I see the same pattern as last year.

Als win the first quarter easily but gets pounded the rest of the game.

Als won it because of one play near the end, if Calgary would have scored a touchdown , they could have won with 1 point, but they lost by 13.

If If.... If Calgary would have scored 2 more TD.s they would have won. If...If... We won the first half by 10 and the second by 3. Stop finding if...that would have make it a loss. We won! We have 2 points! Zero for Calgary!


McMahon Stadium!... Hostile crowd!....2:32 left to play!....Calgary trailing only by 6 points!...Burris has the ball on the Als 36!

We had them right where we wanted!

Of course the Als haven't had time to work on everything in 3 weeks... Execution on special teams isn't a coach thing , it is player responsability. I'm sure over the course of the next few weeks the Als will give ST the time that is required.

I think that the defense has the potential to be dominant....

As far as the lapse of discipline by a few. I think there is a lot of hate between those two teams and the guys weren't going to back down and let Calgary biatchslap them around. They sent a message.

"We can beat you on your own field see you in November biatches " :slight_smile:

Very impressive opener...on the road....some revenge factor in play. I liked what I saw on defence. They were able to put pressure on the Burrito man (a scrambler). That has been our Achilles heel in the past. Need to work on special teams but overall KUDOS to the team. GO ALS!!!! :rockin:

An overstatement IMO. Of course players are responsible, but if they fail again and again, and moreover, if those same players perform well in their normal roles (offense and defense), you have to wonder whether the coach is putting them in a position to succeed. We were crap on special teams last season and managed somehow to top ourselves in ST crapitude last night. Two blocked punts, a kickoff returned for a TD (something we did routinely last season), and massive yardage given up against Calgary kick returners all night. Inexcusable. Squires has to fix this now.

Emry made some mistakes at MLB last night, but it was to be expected, and overall, I thought he acquitted himself well. The front four did their job, the corners were effective, and surprisingly, the rookie DBs didn't get torched. I liked what I saw out of the defensive unit. And kudos to Burke for putting Cox in a position to succeed. The WILL linebacker should ideally be a great tackler and your weakest cover man (if he were good in coverage, he'd be a DB). Cox is a very good tackler and his cover skills are decent enough against the other team's fifth receiver.

I really liked seeing Larry Taylor run plays on offense. More, please.

Hey Discipline dude.............Ya Man!!!!!!!!!! I am glad to see that Cox has found a home............and I am looking forward to the advent of McPherson thrown in in odd plays to mess up with the defences (could be something to look for in future games). Imagine that he averaged about 3-4 yards for the 3rd down conversions (and a 2nd down). That's incredible given that the defence knows the play and they still can't stop him. We are in great shape in terms of succession. Rock and roll!!!!! :cowboy:

Yeah we picked the reject from the worst team in the CLF with the worst ST record and we let him in charge of the ST, like you said, Scott Squires hapenned.

Hey Section W dude (you probably know who I am and I will see you next Thursday). I may be wrong, but what I noticed was a lack of velocity on the snaps (I watched the game again today on RDS and this confirmed my initial suspicion). This Martin Bedard dude (I think he's the long-snapper dude) is new and I think he has to work on getting the ball in the punter's hands quicker. A fraction of a second can make the difference in the world for this special teams role. Let's see what the coach does to compensate at the next date ie: can you smell an Eskimo? :cowboy:

Yeah on some snaps, but the 2 guys untouched in the center, not once but twice, i think that is more Squires, and he also picked the long snapper :slight_smile: