Season On The Line

Labour Day Classic

Season is on the line for Argos, Ticats.

More at stake than just a grudge match
between arch rivals this time

Sep 01, 2008 Chris Zelkovich

Sports Reporter Toronto Sum Online

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I love Belli's line.

The Argos' biggest challenges

involve getting a moribund offence moving

and finding a way to stop Hamilton's running game.

Hamilton running backs have pretty much
had their way with the Argos this season,

even though Lumsden missed the last game.

His return doesn't concern
Argo nose tackle Adriano Belli,

who says the team's wealth of experience on defence

will find a way to plug the holes.

"(Lumsden is) a great athlete, he's a great kid ...

but half our defence was playing this game when

he was popping zits and eating bologna sandwiches

in college," said Belli. "So there's nothing different."


Printers not buying notion Argos are in turmoil

heading into Labour Day game

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"Are you guys buying that?" Printers said ...

"You know the best way for a team to focus, in my opinion,
is to start throwing a lot of smokescreens out there

and everyone is thinking you're in disarray
and all of a sudden everybody is focused

and wanting to get back on task so much so that

they shut everyone else up outside the locker-room.

"When you do that kind of stuff,

it gets guys coming together
so I don't buy it, not one bit.

They're going to come out ready to play, no doubt about it."