Season on the line Friday

The scenario is pretty straight forward. Lose on Friday, start preparing for next year. The Eskimo's are 4 points out of a playoff spot in the West with a very tough schedule remaining. Even if they can beat Saskatchewan next week, if they lose today, the season is virtually over. The biggest hope the Eskimo's have is the cross-over and if they lose Friday they can for all intents and purposes, kiss that goodbye as well!


Already has been pointed out [topic link above] in the; at 5-5, eight games to go thread on page two.

Sorry, I guess I will have to retract it cause somebody else said it first. :cowboy: :lol: That by the way is a joke not criticism. Many on here have trouble distinguishing between the two.

I keep pushing for sarcasm tags, but the higher-ups won't have any of it. :smiley:

:thup: :cowboy:

No problem VoR; could use this as the Eskies live to play another day thread? or vent...ect.

With an Eskie victory vs Sask. this week [Oct.13th at Commonwealth] will be ideal as they push for a play-off via the crossover; 3rd place in the West is out of the Question I say. Thoughts?

3rd in the west would still very much be alive with a Esk win. They would have the tie breaker and be 1 game behind Saskatchewan for 3rd with 3 games left.

That's holds true; but the Riders have a better chance to go 9-9 or better than Edmonton does.

After this week I really hope the Esks win out.

Roughriders will play Calgary in the Semi-Final [at McMahon] - winner [Riders :thup: ] then play B.C. in the West Final?
Eskimos should get the crossover at Toronto. Can they beat the Argos for the third time?; thus meet the Als at the Big O