Season is Over!

I was wondering how many people would have left after that first half. And I'm surprised by the number of people who apparently are still there at IWS.

That's because we're waiting for the 50-50 ticket draw !

Tired of losing! Tired of lack of effort! Tired of excuses! Tired of sloppy play! Tired of poor coaching. Year after Year! Just tired! Not much fun anymore I guess. My buddy turned to me tonight and said "I think we will really have to look at renewal of our tickets next year" after 34 yrs!! Goodnight.

O-line looked brutal...I dont care who is at QB, if they dont have time to throw, they cant do anything and the receivers dont have time to get open....runs up the middle are not working because the linemen cannot open holes...

On D, They are not finishing their tackles..they look like they are in practice...two hand touch doesnt work all that well in games.

D.B.'s are making some good picks this year, but are they more concerned about interecptions or good coverage...

Hitchcock may have lost a step, but he was the only guy on the sideline who looked like he took this personally, put the guy in ! He has more heart that most of the 'Talented" guys...heart cant be measured in practice, only in games where your getting whipped like tonight.. it was painful to watch him want to make a difference while some others were draggin their behinds out there;

btw, any good fights tonight?

seasons far from over guys, once the ti cats gel, they will be good. dont rmember your game against montreal? edmonton lost again by the way. they are only up by one win. its week 7, still 11 more games. dont give up. Ti Cats are a heck of a lot better then their record suggests!

I don’t think anyone still remaining can be considered a bandwagon fan at this point…

Being a ti-cat fan is an act of conviction.

You mean on the sidelines? Because yes.

The only one i noticed watching the replay was Brooks and Cox getting into it... although they made up quite quickly shaking hands and talking afterwards... just part of the battle.

The season isn't over as mentioned,we played well with Montreal ,beat Argos twice in preseason and we can still play spoilers by beating Argos a couple of times at home.....ha ha

But the playoffs ...?

The season is over people.
K.E. cannot even throw a spiral.
Nice scouting.
The Cat' are proof a sucker is born every minute.
Just take a look at last night's attendance. :cry:

We have Mike McCarthy !

Theres hope of us finding a Rocky Champion Winfield.

We can beat the Argos up and take four points from them....

something to look forward to. :thup:

This a link to a CBC article that is somewhat incorrect. Out here in Winnipeg the media refers to our Ti-cats as the kitty cats.

For a number of years now there is always talk of hope and well wait until next game.

We'll likely be blown away again a by a higher score of 50 plus to 0 next Friday here in peg - there is no mindset, no team spirit, players going through motions -
comes from leadership - and where has the club's leadership gone the past number of years?

The fans who say we are only 1-6, please remember our one win was also a last play field goal. We have never led an entire game. What once was a proud and feared defence, is still relatively decent compared to a laughing stock offence and hilarious special teams. No leadership, terrible play calling, no conviction of players, no execution of plays.

This article credits Bombers D - My high school teams D could have done the same against our non offence.

Not sure what answers are - but Marshall was fired - and this was the most pathetic and disgusting display and is so depressing; Marshall is not around to fire anymore. Think deeper- the trouble is deeper - yes we have previously gone 1-17, and we are well on our way again!

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Time that leadership takes a good hard look in the morror-