Season is Over!

Was at the game and could only stomach the first half. Left at half time. Pathetic!! TiCats needed this one and came up with an effort like that! I am TIRED of losing!!!


What he said.

giving up already? thats too bad

Last year I waited until at least week 10, not doing that again. They just can't win.

The operatic obese lady has completed her warmups. My math says it's pretty much done. As Steve Milton wrote so persuasively recently, i don't see a 8-3 or 9-2 run in this situation after this defeat.

Oski Wee Wee,

this is the ticats first really bad game in 5 weeks, against one of the top 2 teams in the league. This after a hard fought close game against the other best team in the league. It is not the end of the world, except for bandwagon jumbers and such.

After watching possibly the worst ti-cat game i have ever watched....i think that Bob Young should do the proper thing and reimburse people that had tickets for this game as a show of faith....i hope i never see another stinker as bad as this.....utterly disgusting....i guess we shall wait for next season to see what it may bring....

I was wondering how many people would have left after that first half. And I'm surprised by the number of people who apparently are still there at IWS.

With the wat the team has played, I certainly can;t see them getting out of this 1-6 hole. It may well be over.

Note to most players, get some heart, grow some balls! You are all lucky that 27,000 fans a game haven't given up like you guys did tonight.

I would have to agree. The fans keep on coming with 26-27,000. Then these players put up that kind of "effort". Utterly disheartening.

I think its time to bring in a whole new coaching crew..start from square one..we are not going anywhere with this coaching why not!!

WHAT WAS THE FINAL SCORE?...i turned it off after the 1st half.


That game was over after the first half. And the Ticats season will likely be over before the second half of it. And when we look back on this season, we may point to this game as the game when we knew the season was over. But I hope I'm wrong.

You don't want to know, trust me.

The game was over as soon as Winnipeg was up 1-0!!!

Season is NOT over simply because there are other teams in the league at this point with only one more Win then the Ticats and because we are only at week 7. Things arent looking so great right now but anything can happen its a long season.

Season is over. This football operation is the laughing stock of all professional sports franchises. Simply put....a joke....

Edmonton, Saskatchewan, and Toronto all have only two wins but have played one fewer game as I'm typing this. And after tonight's performance when a great performance was needed, it can be hard to imagine the Ticats finishing ahead of any of these teams. It may not be too late to improve, but the Ticats just keep digging themselves into a hole that keeps getting deeper.

This team wants to make me puke.

They are AFRAID to play anyone right now.

Leaving after the first half. Good move, did not miss much. Usually, in the CFL, anything is possible in any game. But how they played, you just got the feeling that it was going to be a long night in which it was...