Season in review-WHAT HAPPENED TO TI-CATS????

wHAT the heck happened in Steeltown this season??????????????????

Honestly, I thought the Ti-Cats would be contenders if not competitive in the East this season.
What went wrong?? Was it coaching, wrong mix of players, poor team attitude or what??
Any thoughts. Believe me, elsewhere CFL fans hope Hamilton is a good team as their fans are super supportive and we all enjoy smaller cities beating bigger city teams!!

Wishing for a Ti-Cat vs. Riders Grey Cup in 2009!!!

The problem is they just sucked. I think they proved how useless pre-season speculation is. The only bright spots for them is they may have found a decent QB in Porter, and they have a couple good RBs in Caulley and Smith. Other than that, they just stink.

There was a lot of pre-season hype for the Tiger-Cats this year but to say that they just sucked is not necessarily a true statement when compared to the Tiger-Cats for the last couple of years. Certain aspects of the team were terrible (D-line, D-coordinator), but there were many bright spots. The cats had the lead going into the fourth quarter five games this year and lost. They lost another 7 (i believe) by a touchdown or less. Missed the odd play that would have been big game breakers (think both games against sask this year). These are all mistakes that happen to a young team that is still trying to come together as a team and mature as professional athletes. There were also major changes over the season as well; firing of the head coach, three quaterbacks, god knows how many running backs, new receivers, etc. I am not trying to make excuses for the team. They did still loose but when you look at the last few years and think about all the changes this year, their record was not indicitive of the improvement in the club overall. It was exciting to go Ivor Wynne this year, and that is something that has not happened in a while. They may be the worst in the league still but the blocks have been put in place to improve the team.

Maybe saying they sucked was a little harsh. I'm just tired of all the hype they get each year because each year they never win more than 4 or 5 games. It's irritating. I'll believe they're improved when they actually consistently win. As I said earlier, the only bright spots I see are at QB and RB, so I won't believe the hype they're sure to receive in May and June.

Even with the rotating QBs and some injuries i think Hamiltons problems start and end on defense.

For the worse team in the CFL they had 411 Points For this season...thats 6 of 8 teams and is within 3ppg of Sask and 6 ppg of Edmonton. Their D on the other hand is comparable only to TO and Edmonton. You just have to think that if the defense could give the offense an extra 5 to 10 minutes on the field next year that Hamilton would pick up at least 3 or 4 more wins.

We'll see if they can drop Printers and either Lumsden or Keith and get some quality Dmen in return.

It's interesting to note the differences of how the Ti-Cats and the Riders faced the same situations. Rotating players in and out at reciever (Sask used 22 different pass-catchers, Hamilton 17). Sask started 4 different QBs, Hamilton 3. Sask was also in a lot of close games, decided by less than a touchdown.

But Sask was 6-3 in games decided by less than a touchdown. Hamilton was 1-7.

A team can face adversary, but it's knowing how to step up and execute the key plays that makes the difference. They put themselves in a position to win, and found ways to seal the deal, even if it was by a narrow margin (they faced 2 time-expired FG attempts, and they won both of those games). Hamilton kept coming up on the wrong side of those key plays late in the game.

It's a shame they let Moreno go, because you can build an offence around Rodriguez and Keith, and you could have built a defence around Moreno and Robinson. Stability could have helped build consistancy. The revolving-door policy hasn't been working.

I think the team also responded very well to Marcell. They really seemed to step up and come together after he took over, beating the Allouettes, and coming a few feet away from defeating the Riders.

There we go, finally someone who gets it. The Riders made and had breaks go there while the Cats couldn't buy a break. One or two more breaks this team could easily be .500

I knew that the Ti-Cats were over hyped.

QB Printers was unproven and has now lost his job, and ultimate was extremely over-rated.

RB they are solid there, even before adding Keith

WR Found a Gem in Rodriguez, and Bauman is starting to come arround, but other than thoes 2 the group is horrible

OL Lots of holes that can be filled in this group, if they want the O to be successfull they are going to have to find some players here. With out a quality O-line you can have all the skill players you want but if you can't get the ball to them then what is the point.

Defence after the loss of Moreno there really isn't a star there. No pass rush, avg linebackers, and the DBs as a unit are left wanting

I would love to see this organization turn around but its going to take a few seasons for them to fully right the ship and be competitive on both sides of the ball. Offensively next year if they add to the O-line and find another target for Porter the O could look good.

I agree with you on most of these things except the DBs. Do you realize the Ticats are third in the league in INTS?? Chris Thompson (the best trade Hamilton has made in 10 years) is tied for the league lead with 9 INTs. Markeith Knowlton (OK, he's a LB), Thompson, and Jykine Bradley are all stellar defensive players.

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One of those threads must have a correct answer in it somewhere.

I suppose the good news is with Toronto losing last night, Hamilton can get out of the basement with a win over Winnipeg tomorrow. :lol: