Season In One Game

This loss to Edmonton encapsulates the Tiger Cats 2010. They are not good enough. Not good enough to beat the worst team in the league. Not good enough to beat anyone - victories by default. We get out coached every game, out executed most games, and the only way we win games is if the other teams loses it first. The best case scenario for this team is a playoff spot only because the other Eastern teams not in Montreal are more incompetent then we are. Then a Western team will cross over and end this miserable excuse for a football campaign.

Don't worry, we only have to put up with the disappointment for one more season then the cat's leave Hamilton.


Cats lead the league is fast starts and slow finishes. Up by 15 in the 1st last week and up by 14 before midway in the 2nd this week. Lose both. The only teams in the league with worse records from Labour Day on are TOR & WPG. As for the coaching .... clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

How can the Tiger Cats 2010 leave Hamilton when they aren't in it right now?

And I really think that Winnipeg would beat the Ti-Cats if they were to play right now.

Cats lose and continue to lose because they do not have an aggressive and in your face defense. They play well off the receivers, their front four lacked any decent pressure today (so much for mr wonderful, the Bagg man). Secondly Kevin Glenn continues to like the 3 yard pass. Keeps his completion coverage up but lacks something in overall effectiveness. It was only in the last minutes of the game he decided to go down the field with the ball. Yes, we were in the game, and yes we gave up some key plays, the dumb penalty on kickoff return, kevin's interception for a td, (he never looked anywhere else) and Cobb's third fumble in two games, (some aggressive ball jarring by the Edmonton D). 20 minutes into the season I predicted no more than a 9 and 9 season, and my prediction looks pretty good. We need total team effort, aggressive play by all, and a defense that gets in your face. Until then, this team is going nowhere. Oh maybe out of

I was going to bring a few people to the next home game but after tonight's inept performance that aint' going to happen. Why inflict other people with this level of frustration? It'll be hard enough getting myself to the game without needing to explain to people why our Offence is so predicatable, Secondary gives up ten yards on each play, QB locks onto receivers (especially Bruce) kicker left his leg in Calgary, RB dances instead of running straight ahead, and DLine was better before the big FA signing.

Oh, at least the beer will be cold.

Good post OCKHAM ...All what you said is true .

Careful, you know what happens when people ASSUME... :wink: