Season From Hell

Weighing the positives and negatives from 2014...


Ottawa was a huge success - OFF the field.


Ottawa was a huge failure - ON the field.
CFL signed a TV contract just before Rogers pushed Sport's TV costs thru the roof.
The regular season games were horrible.
Hamilton's stadium issues.
T.V. ratings were down 6%.
Attendance down.
The Argos!!!
Attendance 1st week of playoffs disappointing.
1st game in 2014 playoffs was awful.
2nd game not looking so good.

Anything to add?

Kerry Joesph has completed every pass he has thrown today.

Well when the commissioner of the league goes on a network that is trying to destroy the league and refers to the league as mom and pop... You are setting yourself up for failure

I don't have an issue with that. I kinda like that label.

People want to go to events that are happening... Not mom and pop... Even events that used to be mom and pop like Shambula are now major events...

Labeling the League Mom and Pop must have been deemed popular or he would not have used it.

Besides, watching the Eastern and Western yawners, that's the least of our worries. :frowning:

In my opinion the single biggest and urgent problem in the CFL is the complete lack of any up and coming QB's. With bc and the riders seasons lost due to losing their starting QB's and no starting quality QB's out there. Montreal has had some success late in the season but the riders and lions seasons where lost due to no playable options for QB currently. In previous years in calgary - bc and Hamilton they have seen back up QB's seize the oppurtunity and shine. In my opinion the CFL needs to work more to develop young QB's and for my riders - finding a young qb needs to be priority #1 in the off season.

I hope it doesn't occur but imagine if Travis and Darian are finished - who out there would be available that is starting QB ready?

Soooo true. Great post.

How about Positive

Two new stadiums opened and both sold out every game this year
CFL contract still substantially better then the last deal and has pulled all but one (maybe two) of the teams into the Black
The Argos failed to make the playoffs
Saskatchewan broke ground on their new stadium
MLSE and through them Rogers got burned badly with their NFL relocation attempt
Buffalo NFL series was put on hole and may be discontinued

All very true. :thup:

Will be discontinued

Huh? Don't understand. Are you saying it is almost over???


26 man offensive roster... 20 man defensive roster... The expanded rosters have seen all of the improvements going to the D

Collaros - 26
Crompton - 27
LeFevour - 27
Reilly - 29
Nichols - 27
DeMarco - 25

All of these are starters or potential starters. Not a bad crop of young QBs.

It really has been a decade from hell… Some how when the league stabilized finacially. It wrecked the quality of play… I hate Stephen Brunt with a burning passion. However he could of takin this article from 8 years ago and switched BC to Calgary and published it this season.

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And how could I forget Mitchell - 24?

With the overall season this low and with KevinRiley's fine points on that note, but noting also the positives mentioned by CatsFan and Hammer, I'm hoping come May that we can look up to the next season from these lows.

This league needs a Canadian QB.

To paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel:

Where have you gone, Gerry Datillio,