Season Attendance Record will be SMASHED!

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What a good story this is. Probably the most fun I've had all season ever. The crowds have been soooo loud.

It's interesting to me that the current attendance record was set in 1985, following a Grey Cup season, and will be broken this season, following a 4-14 campaign.

Take a bow, Bomber fans...

And then add in this:

Blue Bombers announce season ticket commitment update; extend deadline to October 31st


Congratulations to the Blue Bombers fans. You are a model for the League.


...Thanks also fall into the category of great fan .. :thup:

How far the Bomber franchise has come sinc Bauer and Kelly :thup:

Our Attendance was still better than Hamilton,Toronto,Montreal and on par with BC under Bauer and Kelly! I don,t think any other cfl team would get the support that the Bombers have gotten during this bleak period ! I include tonights debacle!

I meant on the field. The winning is why fans are excited.

You realize that we set a record for seaon tickets BEFORE the season started right?