Season 2015

This past season has been in my opinion one of the worst. I have been a season ticket holder and watch the CFL since 1964. I have seen the high and lows but this past season had no excitement. Of course some will disagree, seeing how the Red Blacks have progressed and finally the Eskimos making some noise. But overall nothing else. The CFL need to rebrand and get a younger demographic, especially in eastern Canada. I want this league to change and improve on the following:
1- Referees
2- PI challenges (when everyone sees the pass was unmatchable)
3- Better game commentators
4- Youth movement - get younger game personnel

I don't think you can blame the referees 100%. They have to work with the stupid new rules. There have been more penalties called this year than any other years I've watched. Also I've noticed that there is in some instances a severe lack of discipline in some players. I hate making comparisons with other leagues, but the CFL players need to take a page out of them and see how to behave in a disciplined way.

I think this lack of discipline is the thing that hurts the CFL the most. The CFL needs to address this aspect instead of trying these quick fix methods of rules changes for the sake of more scoring or more excitement. I think it certainly has backfired this year.

The other day I watched an American minor league game, only TWO minor penalties called all game.

Great post cfl fan forever:

Over the years I have been involved with football in the states on several different levels - coaching to administration
When you mentioned there was minor 2 penalties in a minor league football game that is so true
If I may make a point in mind sets regarding penalties that I have found that differs from US to Canada
In the US the mind set has always been keep the flow of the game going - a penalty is only a penalty if there is no way not to call it - it has to be a platent foul - in Canada the refs from Tim Horton 6 yr old and up ball - is for ref's to always look for a penalty - if it even slightly looks like one call it - for the letter of the law folk it is right on but to the fan and growth and momentum it is a game and entertainment killer . Like it or not I believe the US has it right. if there is any way that it was not a penalty then don't call it - they The ref's have to be 100% sure . I may be wrong but especially in The CFL over the tenure of Glen Johnson - VP of officiating - the game has been all about the letter of the law - call penalties - and part time employees are now in the unenviable position of controlling the growth or lack,of growth of the game - the Refs ref for 1 of 3 reasons

  1. They have a passion for the game
  2. It is a hobby - and gives their travel money to Cuba in the winter
  3. It is for dollars - they need the money

I think we would agree that the new Comm has to make some very tough but game changing decisions this off-season - the penalties- referring - and the release of Glen Johnson from his potion are paramount

We've had a tough run of a couple years. My 2 concerns...

  1. They need to find a way to lower the number of penalties - in a big way. If they do, and the games don't improve, then I will worry.

  2. Another big issues is an 18 game season to eliminate 3 teams. That's nuts, but, of course, that will not be going away.

I still think it's been a better season and 2014. Hoping they don't make too many drastic rule changes in the off season (would love to reviews on PI go away), coaches and players need time to adjust in the most part.

18 games to eliminate 3 teams? It used to be 2 :smiley: but yeah expansion is a long way off.

Hoping the new ownership turns Toronto around (I believe they will) and maybe even the Lions get sold in the off season would shore up most of the off-field issues

I didn't realize you were a minor football referee in Canada

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: Exactly. This contributes big time to the Mickey Mouseness the league is going through. You're a "pro" (some might disagree when talking about this league) athlete. FFS suck it up and start conducting yourself as one.

For me, I am not upset with the refs on the calls, the players need to adapt. If you know the refs are calling it by the book, then play within it.

The most ridiculous penalty that players continue to do, is on the special teams. On almost every return there is a player on the return team that blocks someone from behind. On replays most often, you can see the players is behind the player he intends to block for a number of strides. The rule is if you can see the name on the back, don't hit the player. Simple. Most of the returners, have the ability to make players miss, trust in that, and look up field for a legal block that you can do to help.

Also, most of the penalties after the first few weeks, were penalties that have been around for a long time. I have never seen so many false starts and holding calls on veteran O-Lineman. Teams, if allowed in the CBA, need to starting using some sort of discipline or fines to get players to clue in, because taking penalties that are hurting their team doesn't seem to matter.

Perhaps the owners and league need to throw the CFLPA and bone, and increase salaries by a certain %, so they can increase practice times, and bring back some practices with contact. I heard on a US sports show that, they feel NFL O-Line play levels have decreased due to reduction of practice time and contact drills. If it is hurting the NFL, then the CFL is going to be going through it as well.

All in all, Looking forward to the next 3 weeks, we should see some good games coming up.