Season 2013

Enough with the negative side of what sghould be done or not in the off season. Yes thre has been some colossal mistakes make in regards to talent. The team has been built AC's strengths. So as is the case with an aging QB, it's easy to defend against and the rest of league has caught onto the Al's offense schemes. The offense missed Scott this year. The team in spite of what management says is old. We need new blood,need speed and the defense needs to be revamped. Last but not least the coaching staff has got to realize, in the CFL the return game is huge. There's a big hole on special teams, where's the caoching, .... oh yes there's none. However, I am starting to wondwer if the whole organization has gottem complacent or we are strapper for cash? Adrian will leave for sure and mark my words, on the right team you will see another mistake by management that will find success.

You signed up to tell us (mostly positive contributors) "enough with the negative" and go on to string a whole list of negatives. Ok :wink: