Season 2008 and SEason 2009

Thank you Team for the effort .

However, I believe several things have to change in the coming season. Deceision to be made as far as AC goes (before we fall into the Danny Mac syndrome).
- Do we develop Andrian Macphersian aan Santos as our QB's fo the future / yes
- We need a Mike backer ----- move Hunt back to Sam or Wil.
- Need to get bigger on the corners
- Need a pass (dominant) rusher
- If we loose Richardson another receiver with his size must be found.
- Replace Watkins & Cahoon with younger bigger faster cheaper players.

Sorry to be so blunt but we have the nucleous we are only missing the skill.

Okay, in order:

Brady is ahead of Santos on the depth chart. Personally, I think if Calvillo wants to return for another season, the starting job is his.
Agreed about mike backer. Hunt and Hill should be outside, and a legit MLB on the inside. I would seriously reevaluate Ferri's role on the team as he was not impressive through the second half of this season.
Size in the secondary would help, but a better defensive coordinator would be the biggest improvement. Someone who can teach our guys to jam receivers and knock down passes instead of always tackling the ball-carrier.
Our pass rush is fine, doesn't need fixing. We were second in sacks and our front-four was very effective. If our secondary improves, our pass rush looks a whole lot better.
If Richardson leaves, yes, we need a replacement. Thurmon is good but not on Richardson's level as a game-breaker.
You propose getting rid of two of our thousand-yard receivers in the same year that our third thousand-yarder might leave for the NFL, the year after our offense was the most potent in the entire CFL? That's not sound. We have the personnel on offense. We just need to tweak our schemes and be a bit more creative in certain situations.

I was talking to Bryan Chiu, and he was saying he is calling it career, i think one of the biggest holes next year will be filling in for a 8 time All Star at center

If Chiu leaves we have a great guy who just won a Vanier Cup in Luc Brodeur-Jourdain who was drafted last year (He's an FA on the CFL site, but a friend of mine talked to him after the Uteck Bowl, loosk like he's on the Als Neg List or something...)

We also have to remember that Seagraves hasn't played 1 down this we need an import on the O-Line ??

Anyone has info on Flory also being a FA in February ??

(Man, I wish the Als add to their website a colum in the roster with the years the players are signed for, no more speculations !)

I heard this week-end that Dominic Picard from Winnipeg could be a free-agent...might worth a look if he is...

Bajan666 what are you smoking...replacing Cahoon...he has 8 seasons with over 1000 yards..unless he retires, we must do everything to keep him especially since he'll be a Free-Agent in December !

I would also show the door to Tim Burke ! We have the staff to do the jobs...not the schemes or the 2nd half adjustements !!

17 players will become Free Agents:

The Alouettes have 17 free agents who need to be either signed or let go over the off-season.

They include nine starters - Calvillo, Cahoon, Chiu, Flory, Davis Sanchez, Anwar Stewart, Devone Claybrooks, Mark Estelle and Brian Bratton.

The others are Mike Imoh, Etienne Boulay, Luke Fritz, Dave Mudge, Shawn Gallant, Walter Spencer and two players who were injured for nearly the entire season, Dave Stala and Elijah Thurmon.

Lots of work in the off-season for Popp !

Before you start trashing ferri, why don't you look at his stats? Try looking at the entire cfl stats than the alouettes. This kid should be in the NFL