Sears to speak with Cohon about his hit on Jyles

Hopefully this will be a monologue and Mr. Sears will be hitting the bricks.

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That clown should get a heavy fine and be a sideline resident for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

His moronic move could have cost Jyles his season and his career.

Not to mention his life as well.

Sorry, I forgot the most important part.

Thank you, Tangledweb.

Belli said on Sportsnet that he's on Sear's side. Too tough sometimes at lightning speeds to back off.

They took quotes from Argos about it threatening Sears.
All I can say is all those A$$wipes(Murphy) on the argos(Murphy) better have squeaky clean records(Murphy).

I hear you Geoff, but these are professional athletes. You watch them navigate the sidelines with such dexerity, duck and weave tackles and blocks, their body control is extraordinary.

Yet, can't avoid hitting a player. Sorry, I find it hard to except. Sears saw the colour of the uniform and the name and went for it. The only time he showed any concern was when Jyles' teammates tried to get to him to exact some revenge. Perhaps, he was trying to payback for the hit on Pierce by Kuale earlier in the season.

I heard the comments made by the Argo players. I don't have any use for Murphy, but I can't blame him for his concern and rage, seeing one of his own hurt in such a reckless way. pierce.

Big surprise coming from a dirty player like Belli. That's absolutely a load of crap and it's not this jerks first kick at the can. Should have been fined for the late hit on Chris Williams that had him hitting the camera.

I hate the blue team but I do'nt blame Murphy and Robertson one bit and I actually gained respect for Pottinger (who by all accounts is a decent guy) for going out there to defend his QB.

I was just as angry when it was that punk Kuale on Pierce, but this is worse because Jyles was prone and sliding. Sears could have stopped and there was no need to put his head down to lead with the helmet and follow through with the shoulder.

I was just as angry when it was that punk Kuale on Pierce, but this is worse because Jyles was prone and sliding. Sears could have stopped and there was no need to put his head down to lead with the helmet and follow through with the shoulder.
Agreed. And the Kuale hit, while brutal, was a stand up direct hit on Pierce, not full helmet on helmet on a downed QB like in the Sears case. And Kuale didn't lead with his helmet. Sears did.

Either way, both incidents were unwarranted, with one more severe than the other.

This is just theatre. Cohon is powerless. The Union will get it when a player dies or goes into convulsions on the field, at that point it will be too late for the player in question and the league. Hard to get insurance when people die or have to steer a motorized wheelchair with their mouth.

Sad but true.

For 3 years, I've been talking about the need for the league to address concussions on this forum and until this year was laughed at. "Dickenson is fine" yeah sure we all know how that worked out. Again the CFL was last to enact a policy, same with drugs. One one side you got 8 boss who don't want to spend a dime and on the other you got a union who can't think past the next pay cheque...

Unions in the NHL are powerful as well, consider that they can't even figure out that face shields actually strongly prevent eye injuries, in a sport with a small rubber puck and sticks flying around. That one I just don't get, what was Pronger's response to this? :roll:

Sears has been suspended for one game. Google "a joke!"

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A light punishment but will the suspension stick is the question...The CFLPA may appeal as per usual... :roll:

Belli is a plant load and will always be a plant load. Comments from a dirty player about to diddle squat. Sears was fully aware of what he was doing during the so called tackle -hit. It should be a short conversation between Cohon and Sears.

I absolutely do not agree with Sears being suspended. When Kuale hit Pierce, he was fined. That hit was no different than this one. Well, actually it was, Jyles made himself a runner and Pierce did not. I know Jyles slid and perhaps Sears' explanation is bogus, but that doesn't change the fact that the Pierce hit was just as dirty. If one was fined, the other should have been as well. If Kuale had been suspended, then there would be no debate. Now it looks like one player/team is getting preferential treatment.

The CFL has now set a precedent. Does this mean that every helmet-to-helmet hit is now going to get someone a one-game suspension? I'll be interested to see what happens the next time a helmet-to-helmet hit occurs.

I have to disagree with you on that. This hit was worse by the simple fact that Jyles was sliding. Kuale took extra steps and I agree he also should have been suspended, but this clown Sears deliberately led with the head and followed through with the shoulder while Jyles was on the ground. At least with Pierce he wasn't sandwiched into the ground by the dirty hit. I can see why they would suspend Sears. With Kuale it was a late hit after Pierce released the ball. With Sears the QB was already sliding and it is a BIG no no to hit the QB when he slides.

I think Sears got off easy, but really hope that his absence is felt by the Bombers and that it costs them the change to host the final.

Your comments show a failure to understand what Cohon and the league are trying to accomplish. This decision has nothing to do with precedents. It is about the league taking the necessary steps towards eliminating these deliberate intent-to-injury assualts on quarterbacks in particular. That means escalating the penalties, fines and suspensions levied on players (and possibly teams) until these deliberate assaults stop. That includes, in the worst case senario, up to and including suspending a player for life.
Once the escalating nature of the consequenses are clearly understood and enforced, you will see a change in the "headhunter" mentality, especially towards quarterbacks. Cohon's ruling was correct, it just didn't go far enough. Sears should have been suspended for the playoffs as well.

X2....sports in general need to catch up to science on this neanderthal as NHL can be, I think that pro football lags them on this issue.