Sears sign with Argos

I don't think this is a loss. If he was in our plans, he'd have been extended earlier.

8) No loss at all !!!
  If there is ever a player that best describes the term,  injury prone....then it is Sears for sure !!
  What did he play, an average of 4-5 games a year, then spent the rest of the entire season on IR.

Not far off...

"The former Hamilton Tiger-Cat and Winnipeg Blue Bomber has battled injury problems in his career, playing in just three games last season and five in 2015"

From the 3DN piece.

Sears has missed a staggering 71 gms and has only played 45 gms total in his 7 year career. In other words he's good for at least 10 gms a year on average on the IL. Frankly I'm surprised he's lasted as long as he has in the league with his history of injuries. Good luck to the Argos on this signing , my guess is that they'll be lucky to get 5 or 6 games out of Sears before he winds up in his usual spot on the IL once again.

Sears is talented, but when his talent can't be used most of the time due to injury, is he really helping any team? Not really.

Great talent, but his body is way too soft.

A poor sign by Austin to start with. The Arblows can have him.

Sears = the Jesse Lumsden of the defense.