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Where is Archie Amerson

Where is Jessie Lumsden

With the new roster, specially with
Moss and Eakin at QB , i am very anxious
for the 2006 season.
But i am very disappointed that the
Renegades are not there. The objective
is to bring them back and add Quebec and
Halifax. I would be great. I am doubtful
regarding this of the work of Tom Wright.
Go Cats Go and eat em raw

Hamilton released Amerson awhile back, due to the nerve damage in his leg. His carrer is over now. Jesse Lumsden is a Redskin, and all he brought was trouble, I'm glad he's gone, especially with Ranek, and Holmes in the backfield. Maas is going to light it up this year, and Eakin can come in if Maas gets hurt (knock on wood). The Gades' are gone not because of Wright, but because of the entire BoG. Although Wright will ge the blame.


Miller91 is way out of line for saying that Jesse brought trouble to the team. He is doing the best for his career and when he came back to Hamilton he played awesome!!

I am NOT way out of line, he did play well, but the ENTIRE focus was Jesse and it took all the attention off the team itself which in turn had some players give up, as even if they played great the Lumsden shadow was over him. He's doing what's best for his bank, not his carrer, he most likely wont play a down in Washington. We need to trade his rights.

Who would want Lumsden's rights up here in canada? It would be a risk for any team considering his talents. I believe he will make it in Washington, even if only as a practice roster player or returner. And Miller91, what football player wouldnt want the higher salary of the NFL? use your head man. The practice roster salary is much high than most Top CFLer's here. Use your head buddy. :wink:

I know the salary is higher, and he's talented. My point was that he was a distraction to this team. I wouldn't go to the NFL just ot sit on the bench, I'd rather play CFL ball. He did what was best for his bank, he doomed his carrer at the same time as he will never be an all-star in the NFL as he would have been in the CFL. He's a ratio-buster and he could have got a lot of cash to play, but he left. His loss.

Status of Matt Petz ?

Matt Petz was not resigned. I think hes a victom of contraction. With all the former Ottowa players available someone is going to lose there job. Good luck Matt.

My guess with Jesse this year is he will be kept on the practice roster unless Washington has a lot of injuries…then they will send him to NFLE next spring for playing time…so next summer will be the make or break for him as NFL teams don’t often keep players on practice rosters two years in a row…by that time he will be a free agent in the CFL if he gets cut and I’m sure he would look much better in a blue colour :smiley:

It was reported that Amerson was at trainign camp, but not participating.
If this is all we are looking for, I guess we are in great condition consider where the Bombers are. For those who haven't seen, O'Mahoney got on his flight from BC, but never arrived in Winnipeg.

Miller91, I fail to see how Lumsden overshadowed the team, especially since he was given a pretty light workload, all things considered. I don't think he had a 20 hand-off game his entire time here. Yeah, people cheered for him, but what's wrong with that? He brough something to this team, he's a hometown boy, and everyone is entitled to be proud of him. If he does come back up here, I hope we resign him, and find a way to get him on the field, becuase guys like Lumsden are good for Canadian Football.

I cant believe people are still trashing Lumsden for going to the NFL.Hes a great player and i wish him well,and if he doesnt make the NFL i will welcome him back with openarms.Stop being so jelous of his football talent and accept him for what he is A GREAT FOOTBALL PLAYER. :smiley:

It's not jealousy, it's annoyance. I agree he's a great football player. However he'll be a star here, and a bench warmer there. I would much rather make less money being a star then more money being a bench warmer, thank you very much! He's also useless to us now as we have both Ranek and Holmes, he comes back and he's automatic trade bait.

I envy you that attitude, but you're showing your youth :wink: I don't blame him for one second for going where the money is. If he doesn't look out for himself nobody will. Strike while the iron is hot and make all the money you can. It's not his fault the team waited for him and to be honest I don't know that we had much of a choice at the time. Things will probably be vastly different this year with the depth we have now.

I understand where you're coming from Mother, but when he becames a star, the money wouldn't have been a large difference, and I understand that in short money is everything, but in all honest, would you not get bored? Would you not be disappointed in yourself? Would you be happy that in short you're robbing someone blind? Or do people just have no morals anymore. Play the game you love, don't get paid to watch people play the game you love.

Miller are wise beyond your years!!!!!

Thanks Woody, I learned from one of the oldest people I know, lol, just kidding!!
See you at the games!

On Another note, why do you think it's more exciting to watch the CFL over the NFL? Because they have heart, and they have to be stars to earn a pay cheque, NFL players can go 50% all year and get piad 6 million dollars. I'm glad the CFL doesn't make a lot of money, it'd take away from performance, of course there is a large gap between NFL and CFL wages, and profit, and I would like to see the CFL make more. In short, money isn't everything, though most people think it is, like Lumsden.

Miller91, keep in mind that corelation does not equal causation. I'd suggest that Lumsden probably believes that he has a shot of playing and contributing in the NFL, and that he also believes that if he is wrong he will find out with enough time left to come back to the CFL and still become a star. I'd say that this is a lesson that past history has taught us and him (Doug Flutie, anyone?). I'd also suggest that Lumsden is a driven competitor, as anyone who knows him or watched him play at Mac will tell you, and it's completely out of character for him to take the "easy" route. He views the NFL as a great challenge for himself, and he's never turned those down.

Will he make more money in the NFL? Yep. Did that probably factor in to his decision? Obviously. Was it his only or even primary motivation for trying out for the NFL? Doubtful, considering context. Does his taking a stab at the NFL while he's still young preclude him returning to the CFL, and even becoming a star? Of course not. Is Lumsden aware of this? Sure he is - he's very intelligent.

And as to one thing you said earlier: Lumsden sure got a lot of headlines when he came here at the tail end of a losing season. Did he go chasing any of those, acting like a glory hog? Of course not; as I recall it was hard for reporters to get anything more out of him than the "this is a team and we're all here to win" sports cliches. Again, context provides so much illumination here: local boy returns to his hometown team struggling through a tough season and produces some pretty good results. It was the REPORTERS who jumped all over that, and frankly, it was good for the team in a lot ways. It took the spotlight off of some players and the coaching staff who were becoming visibly frustrated with the constant losing and the questions that went along with it. You asserted that some players (in a fit of jealousy, I'd imagine?) "quit" because Lumsden got all the press. Let me say that A) I wouldn't want players who do that on my team, and B) it's just as likely that many of the players were relieved to let the press interrogate someone else for once.

If you were in Jesse's position and you decided to stay in the CFL, then we can only assume that you made that choice for reasons that seemed right to you in your own time and place. Some people would say you were foolish, considering the career span of the average football player. Some people would say you lack confidence in your abilities. Some people would say you were scared of leaving home. Lumsden made a different choice, and it was certainly not the black and white, "I want money" choice that you portray. Neither was the state of the team from last season as cut and dry as you portray. Context is everything, and there's always more to consider in a situation that it might seem.

You make very good points AJB (I refuse to call people by their new names). Most of which I have to agree with, but in the same sense, everybody reads things differently. The way the entire thing came across to me was that Jesse wanted money, he didn’t want to play in the CFL, he wasn’t really happy to be in the CFL, and thinks he can be an all-star in the NFL. It’s a great challenge, I’d understand it if he chose a team with weak running back skills, but the Redskins have depth beyond belief. The Rams were interested in him, and Faulk is retiring soon which would most likely end Lumsden at 2nd on the depth chart. I think all of this is a publicity stunt, and an attempt to get money. And honestly? It’s working isn’t it?

EDIT: My goal used to be to play CFL Ball, never NFL ball. I’m Canadian through and through. Just turns out that my grades matter more, and football is expensive.

You're right, everyone does read things differently, and that's why I won't say you are "wrong"; I'll just say that based on what I've seen, it doesn't add up to me.

(Before that, though: In purely football terms, I might have taken the Skins over the Rams, too. He'd be buried behind Stephen Jackson on a team (at the time) coached by Mike Martz who believes that running the football is a sin comparable to committing patricide. Conversely, in Washington you have Clinton Portis who is a very "combustable" player, if you know what I mean, and then pretty much no one (not counting Sellers - he's clearly a short yardage back, and a very good one, but that's it). I honestly think Lumsden has no better a chance cracking the lineup in Washington than he would have in St. Louis, but no worse of a chance either. And stuck behind Portis or Jackson is still stuck behind the starter. But enough of that.)

As far as publicity stunts go, I'd have to disagree that it's working. The ONLY place I hear Lumsden talked about anymore is here. As far as him wanting money, I just have a hard time believing it. Oh, I mean, I'm sure it's a consideration... But it goes against everything I know about him. He and I were at Mac at the same time, and I knew a good chunk of the football team through work (I worked at the campus pub). Everyone always talked about how selfless he was, and the few times I met him, he really showed a lack of ego - never talked about himself and played down his own accomplishments to give credit to the o-line, or the receiver who made a block, or something like that. I guess I can only say that you may be right, but it just seems completely out of character so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And I stand by my belief that he really did not hurt the team.

The funny thing is, I often day-dream about playing in the CFL myself, and given the choice, I doubt I'd have gone to the NFL either. Good choice concentrating on the grades, though. Believe me, being a grad student is almost as painful - and definitely more intsense - than playing football. :wink: