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Ok.. As many of y'all know I'm new to the CFL. After seeing the great players that came to the XFL from Canada it's a natural progression. I'm no fan whatsoever of the NFL.

I'm trying to decide which team to follow.. So I'm asking for everyone and anyone to try to get me to support their team and I'll be on 100%

So.. Please convince me which team to support and which to avoid.

May I suggest the Toronto Argonauts. North America’s longest continues running sports franchise and we have Grey Cups!

Also, if you need help with merch send me a PM, happy to do what I can for a fan.

Argos are a great choice.

If you're from Texas, you might appreciate the Calgary Stampeders, who feature an excellent Texan QB.

Now that Edmonton will be getting a new brand, perhaps you jump on their bandwagon, as they get a new start. Kind of like a new fan for a new brand.

I’m like you, not a fan of the NFL. I became a Blue Bombers fan in the 70’s.

Any team you choose would be a fine choice, but the Argos and Lions probably need more love than most. Especially the Argos, which are sort of beleaguered.

San Antonio Texans! :grin: Wish they would have put a CFL team in Michigan at the Silverdome back in the US expansion days. Practically across the river from Windsor. Being from the Metro Detroit area I am partial to the Ontario teams Argos and Ticats. Began watching the CFL back when it was on the CBC channel 9 Windsor. Now catch the CFL ON the ESPN channels. Love all the teams. Great to see the different rivalries in the league though.

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any team...

but the riders.

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Hate to say it, but the Argos need the support.

Totally agree.

Years of neglect all for the pursuit of the NFL.

I don’t think those two things go hand and hand.

Rogers was going after the NFL, Braley just kept the lights on for the Argos. It’s a love/hate with Braley.

Luckily MLSE is trying but even under their ownership the stands aren’t as full as they/we would like.

Lack of a stadium solution was also a factor in Argos decline.
Going back to Rogers Centre was a last resort after the Varsity Stadium plan fell through.

BMO should have been a priority before TFC hijacked the stadium through MLSE.

That’s not exactly how it happened. The Argos ownership at the time Cynamon & Sokolowski bailed out of the York University proposed stadium.

The reason for a new stadium in the first place was because Canada was awarded the U-20 World Cup with the stipulation a FIFA certified stadium was built for the event. The Argos then teamed up with the Canadian Soccer Association for the stadium.

The first proposed stadium location was Exhibition Place. In that original proposal the Food Building was going to be torn down and that’s why it was rejected.

The second proposed stadium location was the redevelopment of Varsity Stadium. Ultimately, there was some issues that arose from people in the neighbourhood possibly complaining and management having second thoughts. They ended up going with what you see at Varsity Stadium today instead.

The third proposed stadium location was at York University. Apparently Sokolowski was looking at developing some land on the York University grounds along with the stadium deal but he was unable to get the land deal. We found out later on that C&S were also being bankrolled in part by Braley during their ownership of the Argos. At that point Rogers offered C&S the no rent at Rogers Centre deal in exchange for everything else, parking, concessions, and merchandise sales. C&S bailed and the CSA still had to build a stadium for the U-20 WC.

This is were MLSE stepped in. They made the proposal to get a MLS team to give the stadium a purpose after the U-20 WC but they wanted the stadium at Exhibition Place. That’s when the footprint was shrunk down to soccer specific to avoid tearing down the Food Building and the rest is history. So, in a way we have C&S to thank for TFC’s arrival.

Ultimately, poor ownership over a long time is probably the main reason for the Argos decline over the years. Again, hopefully MLSE can turn it around.

My recommendation for supporting the Argos still stands though. Go Argos, Go, Go, Go!

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I agree with supporting the Argos.

Too many things were lined up against them.

Still never too late to revisit the Varsity Stadium plan.

I believe one of the champions of the stadium suddenly accepted a position at some California University.

Left C and S with limited options as they had no backup plan.

15 years later and it’s still mindboggling as to how they were in business.

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Whoa there!!!

If you need a team to cheer for, then let me make the case for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
You're already familiar with June Jones, our most recent sack leader Ja'Gared Davis is a former SMU Mustang and Texan.
Our colours of black and gold rock as does our fierce looking mascot.
You can join us on our pursuit of the Grey Cup, as we have now entered a 20 year drought making ultimate victory even sweeter.
We don't get championships handed to us by the league every few years like some team down the road because they represent the media centre of the country. See 1991, 1997, 1998, 2012.
PM me also and I'll set you up with some swag.
Plus, if you ever come up here for a game I'll personally guarantee you an awesome seat to a game. You can enjoy 3 hours on non-stop comedy and entertainment....and a lot of whisky...just ask anyone who gets the honour of sitting near the mouthpiece in Sec 114 Row 3.
Come on up and cheer for the human highlight reel better known as Brandon Banks and soak up the history of Angelo Mosca, Joe Montford, Ben Zambiasi, etc.

OskeeweeneeVI has it right. There is basically one team in the CFL, the Tiger-Cats, and eight pretenders. The Cats have the best uniforms, the best team cheer, the best and most active fans, and the best owner. Welcome aboard😀

You could hop on the bandwagon of the defending Grey Cup champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers. We got room for new fans

Montreal Alouettes are a good choice ... an underdog building from the verge of bankruptcy with a second-year HC who was thrust into the job days before the 2019 regular season began and still took the team to a 10-8 record with an up-til-then journeyman quarterback.

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