Search is over for a new Pigskin Pete!

Have you got what it takes to be the next Pigskin Pete? Here’s your chance.

[i]Fans will have their say by voting online in Ticats #PigskinPeteSearch social media campaign[/i]

The search is officially on to find the next Hamilton Tiger-Cats super fan to don the iconic bowler hat. The Tiger-Cats launched the #PigskinPeteSearch social media campaign Monday, calling out for applications from fans across TigerTown. The process will consist of video application submissions from interested parties, culminating in an online fan vote on

“The Pigskin Pete character has been a staple at Tiger-Cats home games for the better part of a century and we’re tasking our fans with helping us find the next one,? said Matt Afinec, Tiger-Cats President and Chief Operating Officer. “We understand the historical significance of the role and the impact on our game experience to have the right person leading the Oskee Wee Wee chant – one of the most defining and symbolic in-game traditions in all of sports.?


  • Create a video (one minute or less) that contains an introduction of themselves, an explanation why they would make the best choice as the new Pigskin Pete, and an example of their best Oskee Wee Wee chant as they would lead it at Tim Hortons Field on gameday
  • Submit the video to the Tiger-Cats on Twitter (@Ticats), Instagram (hamiltontigercats) or Facebook (@cfltigercats) with the hashtag #PigskinPeteSearch, or via email at
  • Deadline to submit videos will be Friday, February 22 at 5 p.m.


  • Someone who embodies the spirit of the Pigskin Pete persona; A passionate, charismatic and, above all, energetic person that can perform the Oskee Wee Wee chant and is committed to representing the Tiger-Cats and its fans with pride and integrity
  • Committed to attend every Tiger-Cats home game at Tim Hortons Field and select appearances in the community
  • Absolutely no restrictions on age or gender, whatsoever…everyone interested is a candidate

All submissions will go to an advisory committee consisting of Tiger-Cats Community Ambassador Lesley Stewart, receiver Luke Tasker, representatives from the Ticats front office, distinguished Tiger-Cats alumni, local media members and season seat holders. The advisory committee will be tasked to short-list only the absolute best applicants, and a minimum of three finalists will be selected for fans to vote on via an online portal on

Alas… I was not good enough last time. :’(
(Never thought I would be. It was a lark that got a bit of publicity for my school.)

I just hope that whoever they pick has a bit of whimsy in him. Bring back the bowler.

I suppose we might also have a Pigskin Petra.

Bring back the Cheerleaders and give them all Bowler Hats!

Please change the name.
There was only one Pigskin Pete, God rest his soul.
Time to move on.

EDIT: I remember his name!

Well I guess there were two. :wink: Dan was still “pigskin pete” to me.

With that said there is a great candidate in the waiting. On the west concourse, around the 50 yard line area, there is a big fella with a big beard…maybe in his late 20’s (ish)?

Anyway, he goes by the Name Pigskin Harley. This man gets it done! I know he was interested in doing it formally, so I hope he applies.

The final game against BC, he was on fire! Swept the crowd up into fierce oskee wee wee’s. My voice was raw for days after that game :slight_smile:

Congrats on joining the site on Dec 31, 1969 . That must have been the early days of the “innernet”. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Not sure how that happened- will investigate - the mods

Just retire it already.
Show a vintage clip of Pigskins on the board before every game and that’s that.
Guy in bowler hat wandering the stadium, high fiving, occaisonally yelling, adds absolutely nothing to the “game day experience”.

I grew up with a Pigskin Pete wondering the stands and field and I enjoyed seeing him at games. Unique to Hamilton.
My buddy has a picture of Pigskin holding his young kid at the 1999 Grey Cup in B.C.
A cool memory in their scrapbook.

Just another thing to help with the game day experience IMO. It shouldn’t do anything to negatively affect a day at the stadium.

To me, and to thousands of others at the stadium, Pigskin Pete certainly adds to the game day experience.

I’d miss it, as would many others. I think your opinion is in the minority here.

Because in everybody’s mind PP is either Paul Weiller or his predecessors.
Can’t possibly recreate or replace. New guy tried but the whole concept is lame and obsolete because of the above.
People are yearning for something that is gone and will never come back

No you wouldnt. People cried when Ballard did away with the brass band.

People now… “the team used to have a band”???

Sometimes the most pig-headed folks can’t understand this but…

You can’t tell someone else what they feel…as important as you think you may be.

I’m telling you, to me, he adds to the game day experience. (and sounds like to many others as well…)

Your completely and totally wrong. It’s a worthy tradition like many mascots in many sports and the team thinks so too. I know for a fact my entire section is trying out for the position and that’s a bunch of 20 somethings! It’s really sad how little joy you have.

What people are really yearning for it for you to disappear from these boards.

What about the young folks at the stadium who don’t know the original Pigskin Pete?

They aren’t yearning for something that is gone, as they don’t know what is gone…just what is today…and what is happening now.

So it is not just folks yearning for something from the past…Pigskin Pete provides happiness to those who live in the present, without any knowledge of the past.

OMG…spot on!!

I just got back from Mexico and out of nowhere. Heard “Oskee Wee Wee? because I was wearin a TC golf shirt. It was a bunch from Saskatchewan calling out to me “are you pig skin??? Pig Skin (whoever it is) is synonymous with anything Ticat.

Long Live Pigskin (put name here)!!

In no particular order…novel concession offerings and winning bring me joy.

Again, just another thing added on the list of traditions that have played out and then not replaced here. You can tell them all about them.

I hear BMO has good hipster concession food…and the Argos seem to know how to win…

I think they are always looking for some new fans. :wink: