Seante Williams

With the Argos seemingly always short of d-linemen, I was kind of surprised when the Argos let this intimidating mountain of a man go after training camp. I know he played yesterday for the 'Riders, how has he looked?

He's made some plays - 2 sacks in 2 games. I haven't watched him in terms of gap responsility, etc.

A mobile QB will better test how disciplined he is to stay wide. For what it's worth, Wpg never really exploited the ends yesterday.

He is certainly not worse than Flemons was here...

I thought he played quite well.

I am curious what the shuffle will be next week when Chick comes back.

I don't think they have to do anything next week - if Boreham's out, they essentially get another roster spot as Congi will do both jobs - they can add Chick without taking anyone off the active roster.

Plus, I don't think we're tight in terms of Canadians dressed, and the odds are one of McKoy or Getzlaff (or both) will draw in in the place of import receivers....

Chick can’t take Boreham’s spot on the roster. I suspect Neil Hughes will be added to the roster, plus another Canadian receiver
I still think, even if Chick is ready, you sit him another week and bank the cap space. If they don’t do that, I do not want to hear another word out of ET about injuries and the SMS this year…Chick represents approximately 50,000 in cap space right now if they sit him one more game.

I was very happy to see him play.. I think he could still make some mental errors but would like to see him as starter more often... he and chick on the ends could pose a lot of problems.

It would be nice to see Seante, Chick, and Dek Bake rotating through and keeping fresh legs out there all the time.

Uh no. He isn't due off the 9 game list until...the Montreal game which is 3 games away.

And by the way guys, Getzlaf can't come back until the 4th Calgary game because he wasn't put on the 9 game until the 1st Calgary game.

good thing dressler will be playing then

I would imagine they will take Chick off the 9-game early.

No reason to until after the winnipeg game his is elligible to come of. Maybe we can take someone else off instead for our First half exemption.

I believe our first half exemption expired on Sun

Is there an actual date in which the play has to be taken off to get the exemption?

Looks like you are mostly right about Chick. According to the Rider website, and if my math is any good, Labour Day was only game 5, so he actually can't come back until after the Montreal game, which is 4 games away. So in that case, if he is ready to come back, then okay.If we are tight on the cap though, it still might be worth considering leaving him there. Williams is getting the job done and that still saves us considerable cap space. It might be worthwhile to bring Getzlaf off early instead, if he is ready to go.

You might be right. On the otherhand, does anyone actually know, or are you speculating. It is the CFL and a new bet is nobody really knows....