Sean Whyte

funny how some rag on whyte....some seemingly because he is short
Currently 4 th in average punting average...about 2 yards of lead
and a 1.6 below net.

what gives? just easy?

First two yards is a lot especially when no one has been punting long this season.
Second: Hang time is not good.

Having said that he's been better this year than the last two seasons in that aspect but his average has dropped in the process.

Takes the pressure off Deslauriers.

Although Whyte has been better than last year, I think Dales is an upgrade unless he has fallen off the cliff due to age. He has superior stats career wise and is also a NI. It would also permit Whyte to focus on field goal kicking and take some pressure off him as both he and our defense have both been taxed due to our offensive ineptitude.

He kicked great last year. Eskimo fans still think he was their better punter but Shaw is more versatile. He’s healthy and was kicking the ball well in Edmonton before his release.

Again not true substantially. distance is is same.
And to complain about hang time is only verifiable through net. No?

Dales is also a better coffin corner punter than Whyte.

Is he? That would be invaluable.
I’ve only seen Whyte attempt one this year this year and he nailed it.
hows Dales on this other than opinion?

Distance isn’t up. Last year was 44 yard average this year its 43. He looks closer because many are struggling. Typically the top punters in the league are 46 to 49 yards in the CFL. In his last full year punting Dales Average was 47.2, Whyte was 41.3, that’s a six yard difference and translates into 660 yards over the course of a season.

If the Als added a punter that still leaves Sean with Converts, Field goals and kickoffs… That’s a lot of responsibility. Most of us just don’t like his punting.

As for hang time you can argue it all you want. I was there for the Eastern Final at the Big O and it was very clear that his punts have poor hang time when punting for distance. Also when you see seconds between the returner catching the ball and the cover teams come into frame it also confirms the same.

With Dales I am just going from memory, particularly his time with Calgary. I have no stat to back me up.

As for Whyte, I also remember the one he nailed, but that was the only one I remember. He has not been a good coffin corner kicker.

Non. Whyte a marqué 2 simples involontairement, en ce que ses bottés n’ont pas eu le bon rebond et se sont rendus dans la zone des buts au lieu de sortir du terrain à l’intérieur du 10.

There’s been little ragging about Sean lately, why the question :?

Wait a minute, are U Pippin?

Can you look in the Palantir, and tell us when the Als will win a game? Or better yet, get the Precious, we needs it.