Sean Whyte

At first I was like, a 1st rounder for him really? But watching the Edmonton game and seeing Duval haha what a steal. Whyte is money on field goals and is punting better as each game goes by. Another great move by Jimmy P!

only 3 FGs away from breaking Don Sweet's record of 21 consecutive FGs. It's a very old record which no one could have expected to be broken this year. I met Sean at training camp at Bishop's. So freakin' short, but whatta leg. :smiley:

There you go ! You just jinxed him :cowboy:

Oh yeah. If Sean is going to beat the immortal number 11 he is Really going to have to earn it. I've been told on the gostampsgo forum that prairie winds are also something Sean will have to contend with.

All the als have to do is have Sean only kick when they are inside the twenty and go for third down if they are any further until the record is broken. :wink:

speaking of gostampsgo there has been very minimal als bashing on the site. beating the riders back to back in the grey cup clearly made the als more stamps friendly.

It is interesting that Whyte was mentored in the off-season by Sweet who is B.C.`s unofficial kicking coach.

Sweet of course was an Als teammate of Buono.

As long as we don`t get Jimmy Jones to mentor Santos on holding.

Calgary and Edmonton fans are some of the most knowledgeable and friendly you will find anywhere. They love their team but respect the game and other team's fans. You should visit as well. Great bunch.

Sandro was released today... no takers at all. Shows you how inexistant the trade market is in the CFL since the SMS has come into effect. Teams know that your not going to keep expensive or unused backups pass the 8 game of the season.

Il y avait un point d'interrogation au sujet de Whyte en début de saison : pouvait-il faire de longs placements avec régularité. Whyte a répondu avec son pied. Comme DeAngelis ne dégage pas, ce n'était qu'une question de temps, considérant l'amélioration de Whyte.

Sandro DeAngelis n'a pas encore été libéré. Il pourrait l'être après la partie à Calgary/avant la neuvième,mais présentement il est de l'alignement des joueurs actifs des Alouettes.


He he he. No way. 22 and counting for the little big man. :roll:

wow. player of the week honors.

lessee if I can 'jinx' him again: 2011 grey cup best canadian with a record 7 FG and calvillo winning his 2nd mvp.

That would be awesome yet of course very wishful thinking at this point. :oops:

He is in the realm of breaking the league record for consecutive FG's. I think stands at 27 or 28.

  1. by who I dunno.

To do it sept. 11 would be awesome. sept. 5 less likely but even more awesome. another good reason to go on the fan train.

Sean Whyte has 22 consecutive fieldgoals and is now 6 behind the leader:
Dave Ridgway - Sask. is the leader with 28

Thank you. Now the als have another shot at beating SSK at something. :wink:

Whyte's kicking average has been elevated to 45.6 yards. I was thinking the scouts will be looking in the CIS this Fall for a potential punter to share the K role with Whyte, but, it appears this might not be needed. I trust that we have located our F/P for some time to come. We are in a better K/P position that last year- I think he is better than Duval in the placing of his punts.

Sean Whyte is going to be one of best as his career moves forward. I'm satisfied with Duval in the Punting catagory.
Whyte's kicking/punt average is 41.9 to Duval's 46.7, unless I'm looking at a different stat. :expressionless:

As long as his punting keeps improving I think it is great. I am always proud when a Canadian can start in the CFL and Whyte's case proves that you have to play to get better. He also seems to be enjoying himself in Montreal and signed a four year deal, which shows he is returning the loyalty the team is showing him.

Duval's punting is great his place kicking has become average and his kicking in big games is one of the worst I've ever seen and this goes back to his College days so I can't see it improving. He is also easily thrown off his game by opponents. Toronto had fun at his expense every time we played them.

We shouldnt forget long-snapper Bedard and holder Santos in Whytes streak. We only hear their names when they mess up.

Also the fact Whyte is Canadian allows the Als to dress a Kitwana Jones as an addtional designated import.

And on top of that, he's never been a great directional punter. He punts well on distance, but has a lot of trouble finding the proverbial coffin corner.

Whyte is a vast improvement in the placekicking department, and is slowly getting better as a punter. I'm happy with the change, especially since, as sheldon noted, we can dress an additional import on D as a result of starting a Canadian kicker.