Sean Thomas-Erlington signs 2 year contract

Love it!!

This is great. I imagine STE would have attracted some interest in free agency due to his versatility and his growing highlight reel.

This is exactly the kind of player we need to develop and keep around.

I’d love to see Thomas Erlington developed as a tight end in the Rob Gronkowski mode. Open up options in both the running game and short possession passing game. Added bonus is ability to move him into the back-field occasionally as a fullback/running back. And he’s a National!

Great player but too small to convert to tight end.

Really hoping for Mercer Timmis to be signed too.

I think Erlington and Timmis would make a dynamite RB combo if given the chance.

A tight end is usually 6’4 240lbs minimum. I see him in more of a Andre Durie type of role.

I agree, plus their are two guys in this draft that put up decent numbers in the NCAA. Maleek Irons (U of Ohio) and Brady Oliveira (North Dakota). Timmis, Thomas-Erlington and one of those two would make a good runningback group.


Timmis is listed at 6’2", 220lbs.

I’d like to see him developed into a receiver (if possible).

Great signing, 5’9" at 217 lbs and solid, is now a good running back and would develop into a great running back. :slight_smile: :wink:

Good point - I suppose he would get run over by a lot of D-linemen.

Great news ! Keep signing our great Canadian talent. :slight_smile: I can see him becoming a bigger version of Archie Amerson .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Archie Amerson !! … Wow !

That’s going back 15/20 years ago.

He was a GOOD ONE !

STE is a good player.

Might as well since the Cats are going to be the Patriots of the CFL for the next few years.;D

Blast from the past.

That’s practically yesterday for most people on this forum. Archie Amerson wasn’t even born yet while some of the guys around here were watching John Barrow play. :slight_smile:

True. Nobody like John Barrow since. 16 all star selections in 14 seasons. Awesome.

Yes, Archie was good. But Rufus Crawford was better in the same kind of role. Dave Fleming was an earlier version of what came to be the CFL slotback as time went on.

Archie had 4 receiving seasons better than Rufus’s best season. He was a dynamic receiver.

Rufus was a very good return man and horrible as a RB avg. 3.9/yards a carry career.

I can’t argue with Crawford or Fleming as great Cats, Steve. I think I was looking more at body types with Erlington Thomas and Amerson. Both are short, quick, with good hands and the first tackler usually misses them. Archie played 9 years (1997 to 2005)for the TiCats and hopefully Sean has similar staying power. Sean being a Canadian is an added bonus ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old stevehvh fan)

I’d be pretty happy with this outcome.