Sean Millington was the difference

not any more , he took a pay cut.

Still over paid.I don't think he has atotal of 300 yards this year.
He makes half of what his contract was.
If I do my calculations right.He would make $125,000.00 a year.Way over paid.
Hellothere I'm just as big of a Argofan as you.This is not a smackdown.I love all Argo fans.Just thought I would let you know that!!!

lol :lol: [this isn't smack down] :lol: ...................but until we get some better and who is not over the hill, AVERY will have to do.

He wasn't bad against CALGARY.But I agree with most of what you have written. :smiley:

See I love Argo fans.Best fans there is in the CFL.
Cheers to you Hellothere.

CHEERS to you.