Sean Millington Signs with Argos

Just one more reason why the CFL is a total bush league. The guy is 39 hasn't played in a few and goes from broadcasting to Argos twice in last 5 years.

BUSH :thdn:

isnt a 43 year old qb coming out of retirement to play in the nfl if the cfl is such a bush league why are you here???????????????

Almsot as bush as this post......Vinny Testaverde playing and winning in Carolina is NOT bush I guess. Maybe players like Millington and Hitchcock being signed this late in the season without taking any downs shows the athletic ability players in the CFL have.....but what do I know I am a CFL fan

Testaverde did one thing WIN and WIN in a very important position. Millington will not, he wont even start, and if he does great lets see how long he lasts before he gets injured once again. Difference between Millington and Testaverde well any football fan with a brain can figure that argument out.

Hitch on the other hand (who i didn’t refer to earlier) has some life in him and I expect him to do above average.

oh and your reference to “without taking any downs shows the athletic ability players in the CFL have.” or how deperate coaches and GM’s can really be in this great league of ours.

so do get things straight - a league is "BUSH" and coaches/GM's are desparate if they sign a player who has not played in awhile unless it is in the NFL and they win or they are Rob it!!!

Stryka is right about the differences between Testaverde and Millington. Millington is an athlete and could run circles around the guy, so could my grandmother. All Testaverde can do is throw a ball, big deal, not much athleticism to that in my opinion regardless of how much money a qb makes.

Yup you got it

I think you got busted in this thread

Pretty good comebacks!
i didn’t know you guys were so smart :slight_smile:

Did anyone watch CFL Snap last night on Sportsnet?
They explained that there are NO Canadian fullbacks available, the last Canadian fullback to come out of CIS was Julian Radlein. He’s the only fullback available.

Plug...It's because CBC's time with football is done. Didn't CBC fire a bunch of employees this week? Maybe he was given his walking papers.

his signing with argos has been delayed as his contract wasnt finalized in time for this weeks game according to tsn

That's precisely the point that was brouhgt out in one interview I heard. CBC basically laid off a bunch of guys who do the CFL games because their broadcast schedule has been comnpleted. Pinball contacted Millington after that.

He's obviously not going to carry the ball 15-20 times a game. He's insurance only and maybe spot duty on Special Teams, something he can probably do well enough at 39 years of age. He also knows the playbook.

An Argo-Cat fan

Gotta wish Sean well, but listening to his broadcast will never be the same now that he's a stinkin Argo.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Hitchcock in green and gold.

He is the "one" player I miss from all the changes this year.

Go Hitch!!!!

There is a big difference, Vinny was a #1 draft pick and had loads of talent, he played for a legend in parcells, and played in a number of different offenses during his nfl stay, he knows the game, and love to be a role player, and he loves to mentor young QBs. Millington on the other hand is a washed up has-been, he tries the toughguy approach on air and tries to be the don cherry of the cfl, yet all he does is stutter and mumble his words and ends up looking like a fool, im having hard trouble trying to figure out who is a worse host, emmitt smith or millington?

Millington is not playing this week.