Sean Millington on Pride

Out now at, Sean Millington weighs in on Canadian pride and our game.

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Great article ... I wish more Canadians thought that way.

We do the best we can to hype our BIG GAME, the Grey Cup
but we can't match the U.S. hype preceding EVERY NFL GAME
that makes every game all season seems to be such a Big Deal
that it attracts more new fans to see what the hype is all about.

We can thank TSN for bringing us 'FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL'
which is helping to generate avid new fans viewing it on T.V.,
increased attendance and more season ticket holders

Someday more Canadians may love the 'CFL brand' so much
that they'll lose interest in watching much NFL football,
as I have, and won't be comparing our 'brand' to their's.

I think Sean is right on with his comments

Apparently, berezin99 beat you to the punch
on this topic by 2 minutes last night David C. click here

I hope you haven't ticked him off.

He seems to be quite angry
about this Canada/U.S.A matter. :wink: