Sean Millington Hits the Nail Right on the Head.

Read Millington's article entitled "Why can't we take pride in ourselves". This is what the majority of Canadians in this country have been saying for years.

He hits the nail right on the head with his opinion. Especially when it comes to publicity hog know nothing Paul Godfrey.

In my opinion, its the media, particularily in Hogtown, who continue this America is better hero worship.

Always comparing what we have to them. Always telling us how inferior anything we do is if it hasn't got the American seal of approval.

The sooner we get rid of these dinosaurs, and bring real Canadians into the Canadian media, the better. Until then we'll be subjected to the assinine comparisons from these know nothing writers.

I commend Sean on his stance, but the truth is the USA is the measuring stick used by many around the world.

Measuring stick for what? The best athletes are located outside of the USA now. The best teams are located outside of the USA. The most popular sports are located outside of the USA.

The rest of the world doesn't care about America. Those days are over. Except for our media unfortunately.

Well said berezin.

Thank you

Yet we still get the World Champions crap over and over.

Its good to be passionate about these things fellows, but why do you think we enjoy the standard of living we do in this country as opposed to someone in say North Korea.

Why we have a high standard of living? I'll guess because we're a civilized country?
If America is the reason for our standard of living, what happened to Mexico?
And have you ever been to North Korea to make this comment?

Great article by Millington - I really wish more Canadians thought this way. I've never understood why it's such an unpopular opinion. As for quality of life, I'm pretty sure there are a few European countries that enjoy a nice quality of life, at least 8 hours east of the States.

are you Trying to Stay the United states have the highest Standard of living? Because I do beleive your Wrong.

In terms of Education and HealthCare Sweden and Norway are the leaders. I'm not sure how else you want to measure Standard of living, the United States have huge problems with their Healthcare system(lack there of) and Education(highschool drop-outs who can't read a book even really basic ones)

United States only 79% of 17 year olds in the Secondary level of education(highschool)
That's 18th, rather sad for the world richest country.

United States - Leaders in obesity(double the obesity rate then canada)

That means that the United States are not the reason Canada has a high Standard of living, alot of Countries have high standards of living(most of Europe, Australia)
and using North Korea as an example, sure there are over 300 countries in the world, your going to find some bad countries but to say the states are the reason we are not north Korea, doesn't really make sense.

Top sports league in the world isn't even in the united States(Soccer). I mean not as a premier league

The united States are losing their Grip on Baseball to Japan and only reason they are really good now is they steal all the talented players by waving money around.

Canada is the top country in hockey even with the States having a huge population advantage.

Canada is Catching up in Football, We were the top country before and are now starting to come back mostly due to lack of funding Nationally to football Programs, if the CIS and the Grass roots level Football coast to coast can increase the amount of games played in a year(by atleast 2) that alone would do alot. There is a huge increase in enrollment in football over 5 years ago. Manitoba the amount of kids playing football is something like 3 or 4 times as many as 5 years ago.

It doesn't make sense to look towards the States.

Last few Sports: Basketball: Is strong in Europe
Rugby: Europe
no other note-worthy sports.


Hold on here guys, lets back up before this thing gets totally off topic. My point was that its not only Canadians that often compare themselves to the USA but virtually every other Western society. Of all the countries in the world we share the most in common with America in terms of lifestyle, sports, entertainment, music, you name it.

And yes finally, economics, the G8 controls 65% of the worlds wealth yet makes up 14% of the world population of which the USA is still far and away the leader and could crush anyone economically and militarily if though so chose, like the sanctions that crippled N Korea and forced them to abandom their nuclear program. I for one will sleep better at night knowing that Kim wont be selling nukes to terrorists and you can thank old Uncle Sam for that, again.

I guess I just dont see what is so bad about being compared to or trying be like the greatest free nation in the history of the world.

LOL, what a bunch of insecure, jealous people. Canadian pride is all great, but come on, give credit where it is due please people. The States are our neighbours, so generally we would be interested and vice versa in each others sports rather than Europe or Japan. Just a few silly comments I must correct.

The best athletes are not in the USA? Anyone ever watch the Olympics?

Most populur sports are outside USA? Some yes, but not OURS. Hockey, Football, even Lacrosse is all down south.

Canadians are not catching up in football. The shear numbers will never let this happen. Right from high school to college and then pro. The USA is football crazy. Thousands are eligible for Pro draft every year. Only 200 get picked. There is that few total eligible here. We can't even produce a quarterback. Jesse Palmer for team Canada. LOL.

PIGSEYE makes some good points. The US controls the United Nations and acts on it own. Not the way the rest of the world works. They are the most manipulative, wealthy, powerfull county. From sports to Hollywood, to war and politics. And we live next door.

I don't buy that for one second.
The Americans produce thousands of baseball and basketball players as well. But it doesn't mean the rest of the world can't beat them.

I think what holds us back is the defeatist attitude of people in this country. The Europeans don't fear the Americans, and kick their butts because of it.

Except there is one big differece, Canadians are the ones with the inferiority complex. While, the Americans don't give a rats a....
about our country and even less about our sports.

Exactly argotom. Canada, to most Americans, is just some Arctic backwater land except a few cities they have heard of like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, that's about it.

They've heard about Vancouver and Montreal?!?

True Canuc, maybe just the American NHL cities I suppose. :wink:

They’ve heard about the NHL?!? :wink:

You're good!!