Sean McGuire to start at QB for Bombers in Week 15

WINNIPEG — It appears that the Zach Attack will be on pause this week.

Blue Bombers head coach Mike O’Shea told reporters on Wednesday that backup quarterback Sean McGuire will get the start on Saturday, when they travel to Montreal to face the Alouettes. Zach Collaros will dress, but it doesn’t seem likely he’ll see the field.

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And here is the starting point for the 2nd guessing that will occur in earnest the evening of Dec 5

If Calgary loses this weekend the second guessing could be about how they managed to miss the playoffs. Resting Zach this week is great news. He won’t have to face Montreal’s pass rush and McGuire will have some experience playing a real game in case he is needed. I am pretty sure they won’t sit Zach in their last game against Calgary as he would then not have played for a month before the WF. That means Calgary will almost certainly lose that game, a game they might need to win to make the playoffs.

Whether the Bombers rest Zach or other prominent starters, there will always be second guessing. As I have said before, there is no magical formula or absolute right and wrong in this type of situation as to whether to rest or not. If there was, every coach in every sport would follow the correct blueprint.


Couldn't agree more with your comments on the Bombers situation. Fans have to realize there is so much that goes into these decisions and that teams talk about the situation. Injury vs Rust is the first thing everyone thinks about but a player may have a nagging injury and rest would do them good as opposed to playing. And, like you mentioned, do believe that it will be important for Zach to play (at least some of the game) against Calgary, otherwise, could be too long a layoff and might take a while to find his rhythm in the Western Final.


2 statements
1- Stamps win Friday so the game on the 20th will be moot
2- Right, so you are agreeing with me with the 2nd guessing

Resting Collaros is a no brainer. With his concussion history it would be foolish to do anything but rest him and make sure he is healthy for the west final. To me, as big a concern would be to rest Jefferson. He is the MOP of the league and I will predict if he does not play in the playoffs the Bombers will fall short.

BLM is far from a guaranteed win this week. In fact my pick is a win by BC in the late seconds of that game. BLM is the most over paid player in the CFL right now. Yes, he could snap out of it, but he will have to show me first. He is either hurt or tailing off at an alarming rate....maybe both!

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BLM is hurt and has been playing with injury all season....the only thing is, it's not a leg, nor a shoulder causing him the problem. Getting hit at the frequency he has this season and late of 2019 is a common doom for any QB. Bo's brain/ego is getting in his way now.... not even close to the QB he used to be. Should be interesting if BC can pull off the win this weekend, but the Stamps have the better team and should win there way into the playoffs. They beat the Riders in Sask, and lose by 24 in the WF.

kellyhelen: Everyone has an opinion. Some opinions are biased because of jealousy ! Mitchell's wage is $700,000 where as Reilly's wage is $750,000. Mitchell has won 6 games this year. Reilly has won 4 Games with the last 6 as a loss.
Your Quote"BLM is the most over paid player in the CFL right now.". Not only is Reilly with a $50,000 higher wage but hasn't recorded as many wins right now as Mitchell. QBs are paid to win not lose. Maybe your jealousy has distorted your opinion?

I knew that if I sprinkled a few anti Stamp bread crumbs I would draw you out.

You better hope the Stamps win Friday night. I offer no predictions either way.

Second guessing will always occur and will occur with the Bombers until the season is over and the Grey Cup remains with them. If they don’t play players enough and lose, O’Shea will be criticized because his team wasn’t sharp. If one of their studs is hurt he will be criticized for playing him. If all goes well his moves or non moves may be hailed as genius. There is always luck and circumstance involved. My point was that there is no set blueprint that works all of the time. Still, to be realistic, it is a nice problem to have.

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I knew that if I sprinkled a few anti Stamp bread crumbs I would draw you out.

Waaay too funny........
As the old saying goes

You can draw a horse to water.....but you can't make him think.........
Or something like that?


you can throw a duck in water....but you cant make him sink....


Mitchell has been QB for 5 wins.

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You can draw a horse if it sits still long enough. Just don't let it eat your crayons.

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This is an ideal time to start Sean McGuire on the road versus the Als in Week 15. Coach O'Shea knows the value of coming off a win in their final game is much more important than this week. :exclamation:

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So back to my point are agreeing with what I said. Not sure why you are raising this fuse when we argree

I stand corrected. I forgot Mitchell was off with an injury for 3 games. However after his return he has won all but 2 games. But the topic was that Mitchell was accused of being the most over paid QB now. And I pointed out 2 facts. 1) Reilly gets paid $50,000 more than Mitchell ! 2) Mitchell has won more games than Reilly. Despite Reilly being the Lions QB for all 12 games. So you make my case even stronger. Mitchell only played 9 games Winning 5 of them. And before he went on the injured list for fractured fibula he was playing 1st 2 games with a hurt shoulder.

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Again, my point was about generally all teams in any sport in the position the Bombers find themselves in this year, and specifically about the Bombers. That is playing so well that there is a good chunk of the regular season left where you are so far in front that the rest of the games are meaningless. It appears that you are agreeing with me. Further, although it may not happen, consider how scary the Bombers will look if McGuire comes out and say throws 4 touchdown passes in a blowout win. It would seem that their only perceived weakness is Collaros getting hurt. If McGuire excels then every other team may as well just mail it in.

Well its a no brainer keeping Collaros out for this one but nobody will be mailing anything in. if the BB are thinking that they will not be repeat GC winners.

That would be correct but the BB are not thinking that and that is one big reason they are so formidable. Not one hint of arrogance among their players. Just a quiet confidence. Can you say that about most of those who post in this forum? Not so much. But that is the nature of this discussion venue.

well fan IS short for fanatic.
BBs will hear 'you are a lock'' every day. They need to be careful.