Sean Lucas resigns

According to this article in the edmonton sun

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I don't think the Riders have made it official yet, but it's a done deal by the sounds of it.

this is the worst kept secret iv seen in a while. Now all we need to establish, is it going to be Anton Rey Lucas or Rey Mo Lucas

We definitely needed to sign Sean. Now hopefully we can get Anton or Mo back and we'll be strong at linebacker again this season.

I, by no means, have little control of the english language. I also do not wish to offend you at all Chris101, so I apologize in advance if that's the case.

But I do know the difference between LOSE and LOOSE. Also, I know that when I read your topic I almost choked! Resigns is quite different than re-signs!!!!

It is official

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he re-signed.

Sean Lucas is the most under rated linebacker in the game I think. With most teams now starting a bigger defensive back/safety type player for that linebacker position which Lucas most certainly is, he is the best in the game when it comes to that type of linebacker in my opinion.

With Rey Williams and Sean Lucas at the corners....who will play the middle? Sam Olajubutu? Another prospect who tried out in the NFL last year and did not quite measure up to that level of talent? Or will the 'riders cave in and give Mo Lloyd $150,000+? I do not think Kitwana Jones is the guy for the job. He does not strike me as being "leadership" material which is part of being a middle linebacker.

I sure hope they "cave in" although in my opinion its more like paying him what he deserves.

And I slightly disagree with Sean Lucas being as good as you think. I don't think he is that great of a cover guy. He gets a lot of those tackles because he gets thrown too. He is a great tackler, but I think he needs to work on covering. Easier said than done obviously

Starting all 18 games helped the stats too. After last season, any player who can stay off of the injury list is worth his weight in gold.

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I say we let another team overpay for Mo Lloyd, 120k is more than a fair offer. With Lucas back now and our veteran secondary, we can easily work a rookie into MLB. I'd rather see the Cap room go towards upgrading our O and/or D lines.

I tend to agree. When I looked at the other teams in the league middle linebackers, virtually everyone had a competent one. Glatt for BC was probably the weakest so Lloyd would be a certain upgrade for them (and they seem set on getting him). Coe and Barrenechea for Edmonton were okay for Canadians though an import would have been an upgrade most likely if they could start one. Rasheed for Calgary got the job done. Simpson for Winnipeg was a star in his prime and will go to the hall of fame. Anthony for Hamilton has the potential to be a great one. O'Shae for Toronto is probably the best Canadian to ever play the position. Hunt formally of Saskatchewan excelled at that position for Montreal.

The point I am making, is that it seems to be a position that can be filled by virtually every team in the league with someone who can play the game. The teams that start Canadians probably do so due to the ratio issue as anything else.

Although Mo Lloyd would be an upgrade for virtually all the teams with the exception Barrin Simpson for Winnipeg, if the 'riders loose him to someone who is willing to overpay him, and then let them. The trend shows that middle linebackers who can play the game can be found by other teams, so why not the 'riders?

I would love to have Mo Lloyd re-sign with the 'riders, but I will not be anticipating a disaster for the defence if he is not. For the last couple of years now, some 'rider fans have been screaming in agony when some players are sent packing but for the exception of the QB position, the new players got the job done and in come cases were an upgrade. Some would argue that Fred Perry was not replaced, but I think the injury situation there has skewed the issue somewhat in his favour. Without the revolving door there due to injury, I think a fair assessment was not possible.