Sean Fleming for '07?

In '06, Fleming was 5th in field goal % amongst the mainstream kickers in this league, and 5th in FG points. He had a pretty solid year in punting as well, expecially with the coffin corners. The question is, were you satisfied with his performance? Personally, I'd be happy with Fleming in '07, as long as they at least bring in a kicker for training camp to push him and challenge him.

I hear the backup kicker from BC might get released due to salary cap, if the cats dont want him maybe Edminton could use him.

Use him for what? Fleming is quality proven starter in this league. Even though he wasn’t quite up to his personal best last season he is still a #1, period.

Knowing his character I would think he will be motivated enough on his own to rebound this season and not need someone to push him in camp.


Just like any kicker, Flemming has had his ups and downs over the last few seasons. I don't think he's ready to be replaced yet.

Word on the streets is the Eskimos are looking at a kid from Samford University. Chris Hicks a Punter...Strong leg averaged 42.3 last year as a senior. Very accurate from what I understand. He could possibly get picked up after the NFL draft by a team but he wants to play in the CFL from what I've heard.