Seahawks vs Broncos for Super Bowl 48

Well here we are, I love my CFL but their is nothing like the big show that is the Super Bowl. I'm a big Seahawks fan so if they can pull out this win that would mean my Riders and Seahawks would be question is..WHO YA GOT?

Think somebody should let the Broncos know the game started :roll:

Love the SB for all the glitz and American big time coverage. But I wouldn’t want Peyton on my team right now, NFL or CFL. It’s a brutal game, so many mistakes and makes me appreciate the CFL even more that being said, SB beats World Series, Stanley Cup etc. since gridiron I love the most.

But Denver is bruuuuuuuutal. Yikes.

Let me rephrase, Denver is worse than bruuuuuuuutal. Will the Seahawks make it 40? :o :o :o Stinker Bowl this one is for Denver.

What paint will Rogers and Phil Lind colour this SB

First time I've watched an NFL Super Bowl game as I'm not much of an NFL fan. I took a special interest in this game because Seattle was in it, otherwise I doubt I would have watched the game. I must say, I quite enjoyed the game. The team with the best Offence going up against the team with the best Defence [Seattle]. The final score surprised me.

Why the commentators keep referring to the winner of the Super Bowl as the "world" champions is silly if not annoying. The NFL is not an International league. If it were then by all means call the Seahawks or whomever, "world" champions but until then calling them the NFL Super Bowl Champions is just fine with me. lol

There I said it. I got it off my chest. :rockin:

P.S. The CFL needs to watch this year's Super Bowl half-time show and take a few lessons.

Why??? To learn how to lip-sync??????

I didn't watch the half time show to be honest, not a fan of Mars. Who else was playing? And I didn't enjoy the game as much as recent SB's, the most blowout SB in recent memory but congrats to Seattle for humbling Peyton and Co. clearly the better team.

Red Ht Chilipeppers, you could tell that Bruno Mars was pre-recorded by bad lip-sync and horn section had no mics on their instruments,( kinda hard project a trumpet in a 80,000 seat stadium without a mic)!!!! :thdn: :oops: :oops:

Gag, next time I won't even bring up the half-time show. I enjoyed it! :rockin:

What I want to know is why every team that wins the Super Bowl is elevated to "World" Champion status.

Well Beagle,I've always said it like this....The Super Bowl Champions are the "World" Champions of 4 down Football and the Grey Cup Champions are "World "Champions of 3 down Football. :roll: :wink: :cowboy: :slight_smile: It's just typically American chest thumping to declare anything they do as the BEST in the world,no different than the "World Series" it's all about the U.S.A and their inflated self importance and ego driven arrogance on the world stage.I agree with you 100% on this,the Super Bowl Champs are the best team in the NFL and the Grey Cup Champs are the best team in the CFL.....A world champion they are not,unless they decide to expand globally to other countries and continents like Mexico,London etc than they can call themselves "World" Champions. :cowboy:

I didn't see cheerleaders - aren't they allowed at the Super Bowl ?

The whole world champion thing is a joke. Spain are world soccer champions because they competed in a global tournament. Spain is also european champions because they won the soccer tournament in which european countries compete in. The Seahawks are NFL champions - no more, no less.

The US thinks that the whole world revolves around them and that everybody in the world is stopping to watch the superbowl. I remember when I was younger and I would watch the SB the announcers would always list the 100 or so countries where this game is being aired as if people in those countries that have no idea what US football is are staying up to 3am to watch.

The game was being aired in those 100 countries because the US had a military base there and the troops could then watch the game. The announcers never told you that.

Go Hamilton Tiger Cats - Eastern Division Champions of the World!

My sister has friends on Facebook from Ireland and England who were commenting on how silly and pompous the game was and what the hell they were talking about with the "World Champion" thing.The whole game they were making comments on how boring and slow a game it was,and were calling it the National ThrowBall League.One of them even commented that why call it football when no one seems to be kicking it.They were also having a good laugh at the padded uniforms and helmets,calling it Rugby for pansies and not a true man's sport.....Now I ask you is that anyway to talk about your "World Champions" of 4 down Football???? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol:

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this " world" championship stuff is going over the top. I think you summed it up perfectly Bobo though I'm sure many Americans think it is a bit much too.

Now…where is that hillarious cartoon that you have a knack for coming up?

The Seattle SeaFrogs...Super Bowl Champions!!!!!!!


Great Bobo. Thanks for the laughs! :thup: [/b]

No Problem,Beagle!!! :lol: :slight_smile:

Has CTV published any of the ratings for the so-called champions of the world football game

W O R L D C H A M P I O N S !

Shut up!