Seahawks Nation Stuff For Slow Time

It's slow time but things are picking up, and I understand there is a small band of the Seahawk Nation here out of BC too.

Two guys, maybe amongst its members, made history right on this very forum in making the only known written predictions on the continent that The Great Bald One would lead the Seahawks to victory over the Saints in the playoffs.

One also has to wonder if The Great Bald One was channeling Buddha in accomplishing the sports near-miracle.

But now there is more for the consideration of Seahawks Nation.

I am definitely not optimistic on your team and would be interested in your thoughts.

Given The Great Bald One's presence also is anything but sure any more there, now look who you have in his place with also a significant religious connection in at least his appearance.

There is ill precedent in sports to bet against a man who looks like Jesus too, but I just can't bring myself to be optimistic on this guy. Consider all the same the evidence, as presented otherwise, for yourself:

[url=] ... hurst.html[/url]
Note that in Seattle, if Hasselbeck leaves, Charlie Whitehurst as picked in the 3rd round of 2006 will be the starter.

It might be the first time that a starting NFL QB resembles a hall of fame baseball pitcher, a famous magician, and Jesus Christ, so on that basis definitely we should not count him out [but I just can't help myself given what I saw last year in the last game of the season played awful by both teams]. Have a good look:

[url=] ... -6-nfl.jpg[/url] [url=] ... harlie.jpg[/url] [url=] ... ersley.jpg[/url] [url=] ... us_011.jpg[/url] [url=] ... us_064.jpg[/url] [url=] ... us_048.jpg[/url] [url=] ... us_039.jpg[/url]

Seahawks Nation, I think Portis is your man at QB though no one else but perhaps Jon Gruden on the call noticed because it was a preseason game. And I only noticed because I had to tune in to watch something better after being ticked off at the Eskie embarrassment.

I was watching Portis in action in the 4th quarter in otherwise garbage time squared, and his fundamentals as far as throwing motion and decision-making were just plain awesome. I'm confident he caught the eye of many a coach in need of a strong backup QB too.

Portis is your best QB in Seattle though no one seems to know it, followed by Clipboard Jesus, and last is the long heavily overrated T-Jack.

And by the way it's spelled Tarvaris but pronounced Tavaris so quit screwing it up.

How a guy with these stats as a pro is an NFL starter is one of our great modern mysteries: ... 63/profile


Mapdb posted a fine article about Brandon Browner, but now it's gone.

Basically I noticed Browner in the first preseason game after the last awful game by my Eskies, and Browner caught the attention also of Jon Gruden as is not easy to do. Apparently Browner has quite a history with head coach Pete Carroll too.

NFL corners and even free safeties that size who can cover are just plain uncommon unlike some of the strong safeties, and I would not doubt any receiver matching up against Browner has to alter his game especially for those first five yards.

I remember like others last season Browner getting good jams on receivers regularly even within the one yard and sometimes when guys were on the run, so I hope he makes the team since now it looks like he's number 3 or 4 on the depth chart.

Also I can't imagine another NFL team not wanting to pick him up in any case with those core skills and pro experience intact over any given rookie. If Jon Gruden notices a guy, no doubt other coaches will be watching that preseason tape on Browner as well.

The article is in the Calgary forum Paolo X. RedandWhite moved it.

T-Jack verifies that he sucks, but oh no they'll give him more chances until it's just too obvious as it was in Minnesota. It's better for him he's lucky than good I guess.

[url=] ... line_stack[/url]

Right now I would put T-Jack third string on that team too.

It's funny, not too long ago it was that the NFL was so into the run, run, run game that the QB position never mattered but not true, if you can't pass in the NFL any more, you're just not going to win.

Welcome to the CFL NFL, modern day football. Bottom line, 3 or 4 downs, you have to have some sort of a respected mix to win.

I told you all there is no salvation in T-Jack, and today I think Clipboard Jesus confirmed himself the starter even when T-Jack comes back if they are smart. It was the first Seahawks win on the East Coast in four seasons, and Brandon Browner's pick-6 was the icing on the cake. Wow does he have wheels too!

And for grand shame on you all for your doubt the awesome prowess of The Great Bald One for a few more years, as he is one of the best QBs in the league right now and even working with a less than average corps of receivers, with even Kenny Britt now out for the season, in Tennessee.

I demand ye in the Seahawk Nation perform a major penance for your grievous sin and never again doubt The Great Bald One as you seek your salvation now in "Clipboard Jesus" Whitehurst.

Seahawks suck.... But so do my Eagles..... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

It's confirmed that T-Jack sucks beyond belief.

Admit I was right about your team not in the playoffs by sticking it out with T-Jack. Now will you please just get rid of him? Although I have to wonder about him in the CFL, I don't want him in it either.