Scrooges in Calgary

I have not posted in a long time, but something recently happened that pi++++ me off so much I have to tell you all.

We are planing a camping trip from Powell River thru to Sask. The only CFL game we can take in as things worked out is the Riders vs Stamps. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. The Mrs is handicap so I want to get tickets asap. (2 on the aisle please). Guess what. Because there playing the Riders it costs an extra $10.00 for a ticket. Speacial game they call it. I can think of other things to call it.

What a rip off.  2 games this year are an extra $10.00 because they know people will pay.  What a way to treat your fans, especialy those who cant afford a season ticket.

My first season ticket was 1958, Woodwards Quarterback club.   And if you ever see someone wearing a Bill Munsey #20 jersey, that'll be me.

riders is

They do it in other places too.
It's very common in other professional leagues.
Weather it's good or not is another question...

I know how you feel , they do the same here for canuck games when the big teams visit here.

they do it because they know it will sell out with Sask Fans.

Crapitalism, as in predatory capitalism, SUCKS! :thdn:

West Coast if you are game for it, I would look forward to hearing tales of the CFL from the 1960s especially if you saw the best Canadian quarterback of all time, and one of the greatest overall at that anyway of his time for either the CFL or NFL, Russ Jackson play!

Xvys made an excellent comparison of Jackson to Doug Flutie and we must consider that Jackson played in a running-dominated era with a lot of double-tight sets too! Here's the link to the discussion of Jackson:


Plus perhaps we'll get to hear about the creative use of the old-school tight end too. :smiley:

Here's the throwback tight end thread with some discussion, as I see the position going another step forward at least in the NFL beyond just the blocking with more use of the faster and more mobile of such players in the NFL in the slot. In my opinion the development has been influenced to some degree by the CFL also years after the success of Shannon Sharpe in this regard:


interesting, they do that for sask games, but not for edmonton games....hmmmmmmmm

What could that possibly mean??? :slight_smile:

Hey Paolo X... I grew up in Ottawa and had seasons tix during the Russ Jackson era, so saw him a lot. Only thing was I hated the riders even though I went to all their games. Tony Gabriel was ok... but I was a big Mel Profit fan as far as TE's went. For Ottawa I think I Whit Tucker was better but he played WR. Hey here is a video you might enjoy...

Welcome to modern day pro sports. As has already been mentioned tons of teams already do this (with baseball being the worst offender). Its just yet another way for teams to squeeze out even more revenues

Isn't it FREE to go to a Coyotes game if you're a resident of Pheonix?

I think so but you are supposed to have papers now too as was the law before anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm so happy the Lakers won and the whole usual annoying Suns fuss is over too!

Hey thanks for the old school clip complete with the California surf sound of the day. :slight_smile:

Just bought a 3 game pack in Vancouver, tickets for the Rider game were not any different here nor for the ALS or Esks