Screwed by Sask

Forgive me for a massive brain fart but I was thinking that Brailey was the owner of the Ti-cats not the Argo's .

How about stupid Eskimo's?Rider's were on a big losing streak until this game :lol:

Stupid Cats for not beating BC at HOME! :wink:

I'm with you on that one.How the hell do you get blanked in the second half like that after playing so well in the first?

I missed the game, and I'm glad. I probably would've hurled something at my TV. :lol:

21-14 Hamilton at halftime, second half was full of 2 yard runs and like 15 dropped passes.At half time I think they let the local high school teams try on the offensive jerseys and forgot to take em' off :lol:

Your boy Mo Mann makes 2 brilliant grabs and second half has like 3 drops.I wanted to cry but it was pretty cold out.

Here's the second one which was for a TD case you missed it on

4 hours after the game and I'm still drinking Freaking riders Pi$$ing me off

Don’t worry Esk fans…Tillman will have a a cup in E town next year or the year after. Mark my words! I’m a Rider fan living here in Edmonton and to all those who are hung up on his personal problems of last year will be singing a different tune when the GC is in the Esk locker room! But believe me, i know how you feel right now! The feeling will go away by December and by May you’ll be excited again to see what the team will look like. Cheer’s to a good, late run!

Has a case of the Kelly Campbell's, did he? :smiley:

Nice catch in that video, but man, they gotta drop the Mo Mann nickname. That just sounds... weird. :lol: