Screwed by Sask

All they had to do was win one frickin game! :lol:

With a Lions win, things suddenly become interesting. Next week becomes a must win. BC plays at Hamilton, which should be a fairly easy game as I expect the Ti-Cats to bench a lot of their starters early. Meanwhile, we get to go into Regina.

...of course, we should have an easy game, too, considering the Riders couldn't beat a pee-wee team right now...

Stupid Riders.

Their refusal to win lately kind of reminds me of the Esks at the beginning of the year.

The thing I find most interesting about a select few Rider fans is that they never acknowledge a loss as anything more than their team failed to show up for a game they should have won. I don't fully understand how they determine which games they should win lately. How many losses and poor performances will it take before these particular fans admit to themselves that the Riders were not entitled to any wins based on performance from 2 months ago. The Lion's and Esk's have picked up their level, Sask at best has at best remained stagnant, more likely declined over the past month at least.

I get the feeling the Rider fans a worried about playing the Esks, since the Esks are improving with some starters out and the Riders are losing with their starters. However watching both the Wpg-Edm game and the Ssk-BC game - neither Edm nor Ssk looked like playoff teams.

Sorry guys. Cheering for the Riders will break your heart everytime.

As the 3 grey cup wins have shown :wink:

I'm not going to enjoy picking this week's games for many reasons.

If the Lions somehow beat the Ti-Cats due to what would be just plain crappy play on the part of the Ti-Cats, well then what will the Riders do in the position to basically choose their playoff opponent?

Making the playoffs would've been nice, but unless we can beat Sask for the third time this season, I doubt we'll make it. I imagine Hamilton will rest a lot of its starters, so it should be a fairly easy game for the Lions.

Chief if Hamilton had beaten Calgary I'd have agreed with you. Now I'm not so sure. . . I doubt that they'll want to go into the playoffs on a 2 game losing streak, so I expect the Lions are going to see more of their starters and for longer than might have otherwise been the case. . .

I don't know... It's a pretty pointless game for the Cats, so why risk injury? They have homefield for the first round locked up, know who they're going to face... If I were the HC, I'd probably rest my starters.

Look at the Colts last year as just one example. They rested their starters for the last two games and lost both. The only teams that I imagine will be playing hard are BC and Edm (fighting for last spot), Sask (losers of four straight), and Winnipeg (nothing to lose). Probably Toronto, as well, since their a young team, they'll wanna go out and beat Montreal once more.

Cal, Mon, and Ham really have nothing to gain by winning.

MB said this week that if his starters are healthy, they're playing.Possible return for AB3 and Kyries Hebert.Ellis Lankster or Jason Shivers in for Bo Smith THANK GOD.Eddie Steele likely to start over Kirk if he can't play.

That's very surprising... :expressionless:

Kinda but not really when you think about it.You want your players to stay warm and not be going into the playoffs on a 2 game slide.Momentum and practice are everything.And it's better for all the Eskie fans if we win too.And not only that, but we'll return the favor of our early post season exit last year by knocking them out of the playoffs this week.GO CATS GO!! :rockin:

So what will you and many say if a key player gets hurt in near-garbage time, garbage time, or in the second half of the game?

I’ll say oh damn, we’re screwed just the same I would if we lost.I’m sure he’s not going to keep them in for the entire game and i’m sure we’ll have BC handled in the first half :lol:

Well, this Esks fan hopes that's the case. :wink:

So do I, exiting the playoffs early after going in red hot really hurt.ESPECIALLY with Printers mocking the fans.He's not there anymore but BC could use a good boot in the a$$ as payback :rockin:
Cats are gunna git er' done for ya Eskie fans!

How about stupid Hamilton? If they would have beat BC, your team would be in!!

If I were a conspicuous kind of guy I would say the fix was in . How can the Cats just give that game to the Lions late in the forth how many dropped passes and bad penalties can a team take , I have a hard time beleiving that it wasn't done intentionally.

Stupid Riders and Ti-Cats.