Screw The NFL!!

Brady will never see the Hall now, but has put the NFL in its place.. These bullies need to start paying taxes now... They have billions in tax funded stadiums,now its time they pay their fare share,just like everyone else

I guess you can cheat and get away with it as long as you have the right “judge”. :roll:

screw the screws

screw the drivers

screw the pros

No , you need evidence ! "
Probably and most likely " do not get you any where in court
Read the judgement , he rips the NFL for their abusive of due process . This was an easy decision , was never in doubt . Jumping up and down , screaming he did it ..... Doesn't count :smiley:
Funny thing is Aaron Rodgers admitted to overinflating balls . Another stat that is funny , the game was 10 - 10
with the under inflated balls and 35 - 0 for the pats over the colts with the correct balls in the game !

...and the horse they rode in on

sicko :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure they cheated, but deflating balls is the equivalent of jaywalking and suspending the QB for deflating balls is the equivalent of a year in prison for jaywalking. The punishment is nothing but a witch hunt.

The league's own rules state that the punishment for illegal game balls is to fine the team 25 grand. How did a 25k fine explode into suspending the QB 4 frickin games? This PROVES the purely vindictive nature of the punishment.

Probably 50% of NFL fans out there hate the Patriots. That is their right. That's fine. But when those fans become so outraged it DOES NOT mean that Goodell and the league is allowed to ignore their own rulebook and make up some ridiculous punishment on the spot just to appease the lynch mob.

Tom Brady is free. Justice has been served.

Goodell has pretty much butchered any high profile situation he's been involved in. The Ray Rice thing, this case. He's not looking too good these days.