Screw The Bills!!!!!!!!

Leave it to Rogers to try to bury this story by announcing this on the NHL Trade deadline day... What a bunch of scumsuckers

Lowlife trash… that is what Rogers is… As much as I hate America… I can’t wait until the CRTC deregulates our telecommunications and American companies put these soulsuckers out of business.


"for one season" only? Something tells me this series is done for good and Rogers is trying to soften the blow by saying its only for one year. Kind of like when teams "go on hiatus" for a season in any league...that "hiatus" is usually forever...

This series is done like dinner. Forget all that nonsense about enhancing the experience, they had six years to do that. Rogers was losing money and the Bills season ticket holders and players didn't like the arrangement.

Thanks you Rogers for bringing the Buffalo Bills series to Toronto with such great fanfare. I enjoyed watching this debacle play out. They way you peppered the house with free tickets and embarrassed the NFL has not gone unnoticed.

By bringing this series to Toronto Rogers provided us with quantifiable evidence that Toronto's interest in the NFL is lukewarm and not substantial enough to warrant the investment in an NFL team. Get out and stay out!

Optics are better to say this is temporary both for Rogers and the NFL. Once the Argos are out of Rogers, they will put their grass in and say the series is cancelled because Rogers Center can not hold Football games

Right. Like how the Renegades were "suspended".

...maybe the Bills want to play future games in Hamilton? :lol:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I hope the Toronto sports media takes this opportunity to apologize to the Argos and CFL who they mercilessly slagged and belittled when they thought the Bills were moving to Toronto. :oops:

Some of you might like this that has the full session with Russ Brandon from the Bills. And he does speak highly of Rogers, well I guess so, they have provided some funds to the Bills of course. First class and top notch - to the Bills and not the team in their own city that has been around for over 100 years with the most Grey Cups won signifying the national football champs of the country where Rogers is and has made most of their money. :roll: :

I can't say enough about the partnership that we have with Rogers, which is obviously continuing in a different facet for this year. The incredible leadership of Ed Rogers, Phil Lind, Keith Pelley. Everyone within that organization is first class and top notch. Quite frankly that's why I'm standing here today and we were able to work through a very complex set of discussions....

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No Thanks!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Let them go play in Calgary :lol: You can have them!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Smart move by both the Bills and Rogers. this series never stood a chance from the moment Rogers announced the original pricing and they held that disgusting press conference where Ted Rogers joked he could get away with any pricing he wanted. The very first game of this series - which was an exhibition game against the Steelers had an average ticket price - for a pre-season game of almost $175 a ticket. Over $100 higher than what the NFL average was at that time and over $125 higher than what the other pre-season game in Buffalo was priced at for two weeks later. Rude awakening for Ted Rogers when few of the tens of thousands who had signed up on the website actually bought tickets once they saw the price. They never got most of those people interested again for all the reasons we discussed here. Simply put Rogers got way too greedy - and they paid the price big time.

And Bungle I'm surprised you aren't blaming Rogers for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Everybody has known for a couple of weeks now that March 5th was the day we would know this because that was the day the Buffalo Bills were announcing their season ticket pricing - and hence it would be the day we knew whether or not there were 7 or 8 games to be played in Buffalo. There were stories in both the Toronto and Buffalo media noting that today would be the day we knew. They even talked about it the other night on one of the local Buffalo newscasts (we get the Buffalo stations here In Hamilton). Bills fans have been discussing today's date and their hope they would see 8 home games for days on their chat board now. And it is the lead story on Sportsnet's NFL page. If that is Rogers attempt at 'burying' a story - they need some help learning how to truly bury something. lol

And yes I assume like all you this is like when CTV suspended Canadian Idol 'for just one season' - how many years ago now? lol

Earl - I would really like to know , what the the total pay-out and financial loss to Rogers and the shareholders were , I know we will never know the truth but!

Someone will have to go (fired)- on Rogers Board of Directors , I wonder who

gemwell - the first five years was supposed to be a payout of over $9.5 million per game from Rogers to the Bills. It was believed when they renewed the deal last year the rate was close to $5 million per game. Bills only get about $3.5 million at the gate apparently from a typical game at The Ralph. Rogers earned some back through sponsorship and they really did sell thousands of tickets at an average rate of $175 - but still likely lost millions a game.

Screw the bills in toronto! Let’s hope the bills get enough money in the future that they can get a new stadium built in the future in buffalo. And that no nfl team comes to toronto in the future.

Rogers also had to refund millions to those lucky lottery winners who paid full-price for their Bills tickets, after Rogers reduced ticket prices by up to 30% the 2nd season.

They lowered ticket prices each and every year of the 6-year Bills in Toronto series...despite that, attendance went down each and every year. Rogers admitted they papered the crowd again in 2013 (despite claims to the contrary only days before the game). The "announced" crowd of 38,000 was nearly 20,000 less than the attendance claimed by Paul Godfrey for the final American Bowl NFL game at Skydome. :oops:

Gota LOVE IT, Here's to the CFL for another 100 YEARS :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

This just proves the nfl will never come to Toronto !! :lol: Toronto is a JOKE, they can't even support a CFL team !