Screw TFC!!!!


One of the worst losses in pro sports history ,and mighty ant want out!!! Lmao

Without the ant, the team will only lose 10 million next season instead of 20.

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I have to admit I had to laugh at that result last night. I saw the tie score and that San Jose had two players off on Red Cards when I went to bed last night and just assumed TFC would win. So when I heard the score this morning I had to laugh.

I actually feel sorry for the majority of TFC fans (not the ones who trash the Argos/CFL). Since day one of the franchise they've supported their team pretty well - and their team EVERY SINGLE YEAR has disappointed them with much poorer than expected performance every single season.

Jozy Altidore is a lazy bum. The End.

He didn't even play last night.

I know... which is a common occurrence.

It’s time to call a spade a spade
mid week game and empty seats
picture right off the Nancy boys site.

Flicking through the channels during commercial break in Sask./Edm. game, and it looks like TFC has another half capacity "sell-out" again! :roll: :roll: :wink:

But still more than were at the Argos - Ti-Cats game last Sunday at BMO. And that was even with a few thousand Hamilton fans there.

At least the Argos give an accurate announced count of their crowd, not the fantasy count that TFC gives.

About 23,000 at the TFC game today, which is more than the Argos get but on a perfect Sunday afternoon, about to clinch a playoff spot, and TFC apparently having a bigger and more passionate fan base than Barcelona and Man U combined, really should have been a sellout.

Curious as to what the TV numbers were with the Jays, Esks-Riders and NFL on at the same time. Probably more people at the stadium than watching on TSN2.

They announced 24,000 today. If last week was really 17,000 actually there - which having been at that game - I have serious doubts about - today had at least 5,000 - 6,000 more people there from what I saw on TV. So an announced crowd of 24,000 is not far off.

They don't have many fans watching on TV - that goes without saying - but they do have some loyal fans who show up in bigger numbers on a regular basis than the Argos fan base. That's for sure and with the come from behind tie today - they stay in first place and clinched a playoff spot.

Yesterdays TFC game at BMO Field was on FOX in the USA - and it got the best rating of an MLS game this season with a 0.8 rating which translates to over a million viewers.