Screw Ottawa

Ottawa should not be allowed back......for years. This is crap. There must be an area/city that can support another team. Would like to hear from you all about other cities that deserve a chance long before Ottawa is even consider! Lets hear from you guy/gals!!!!!

Is this just hatred towards the eats RB?
The Gliebs messed up in the 90's. The league messed up by letting them have an American CFL team. Once again THE LEAGUE NOT OTTAWA made the mistake of givving the Gliebs anotehr CFL team.
If the Gades had a responsible owner, like the 1 we had come and save the Ti-Cats, they would still be thriving.
So I hope the leage smartens up and some owners come along who can run a team and give Ottawa #9.


screw ottawa..........................league is better without them