Screening by pass defender

wasn't that screening by the montreal db when he runs right into the Blue Bummer receiver's face waving his arms with no effort to look back and the ball hits him on the back of his helmet? left me wondering what you have to do to be called for screening.


I did not see the game but I heard that the refereeing was "lacking" that evening and that there were several "pivotal" calls that may have affected the outcome of the game.

I Did see the last few mins of that game I. have to say there was a couple of questionable calls especially the pass interferance on Montreal that put the ball on the goal line. The way I saw it there was no way that receiever was going to catch that ball. I'll give credit to him . Thats was a pretty good act job just to get the penalty.

Yes, Lions40, some of the players are pretty good at it. Fortunately, the refs are generally on top of it. Interesting, the NHL has tried to deal with that by penalizing the player who appears to have taken a dive. I like the penalty. Now, I'd like to see it in soccer. I'm not a soccer fan by any means but it seems to me that so many players go down grimacing doubled up in agony and holding their legs to draw a call. Minutes later they are up and about none the worse for wear.

I wonder if a "dive" penalty should be implemented in the CFL and NFL. It doesn't seem to be enough of a problem to warrant that yet though.

That side judge Rick Berezowski was dismissed from his duties .CFL website

Seriously Lions1? Wow!

.....Just read the article Lions1. My goodness. That is very interesting. I'd love to have seen the replay.

Yeah it was definately questionable on the pass interferance. In my opinion .The Winnipeg receiver did an act job Just past the goal line when in fact he had no chance whatsoever on catching the ball.. The Ball was thrown almost to the end of the endzone.